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Why You Should Add Glossy Black Finish In Your Modern Home Decor!

Make your modern home decor as trendy as it can get with the luxurious glossy black finish… Who could tell that one simple detail can turn a space from average to luxurious and glamorous? Get ready to find out the best interior design ideas starring this fantastic finish!

True design lovers want to have the best modern home decor that they could ever imagine, so it’s as important to plan the entire design project until the last detail. The glossy black finish can be the breaking point of your incredible home design, including your living room and we are going to tell you why!

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When we think about the perfect interior design project we can only expect that everything is going to be planed until de last detail, including the finishes in your incredible furniture pieces or lighting fixtures. For today’s article, we have a particular finish that you’ll love to get to know more about because it can literally change your life and improve your modern home decor. The glossy black finish is one of the most luxurious ways to finish any product or design project and the following incredible ambiances show precisely that. This unique settings all feature one element that introduces the luxurious black finish into a modern and stylish way… Take a look!

The first modern home decor ambiance that we are going to present you is one of our favorite ideas because it combines a trendy earthy color scheme with golden details, and of course the luxurious glossy black detail. This incredible finish can be found in Essential Home’s unique Khan sideboard, an amazing piece of furniture that features classic mid-century design lines.

EH Trends

Being one of Essential Home‘s best sellers, the Khan sideboard, which is decorated with modern finishes and touches, is a fine addition to any room of your modern home decor project that needs that extra touch of luxury with the glossy black finish.

Next, we enter the world of luxury lighting where the glossy black finish is quite a popular choice. The Amy table lamp by DelightFULL is a great complimentary lighting piece that you’d love to have in your modern home decor, especially in the living room area. With its standard glossy black finish and gold-plated detail, all of these touches elevate the Amy table lamp into being more than just an ordinary table lamp.

Sinatra floor lamp is another of DelightFULL‘s classics that shines with the trendy glossy black finish. This modern floor lamp captures the essence of Frank Sinatra and embodies the luxurious design style of mid-century New York. Sinatra floor lamp is a versatile and easily customizable lighting piece that will fit in even the most demanding settings in your modern home decor.

We couldn’t talk about the glossy black finish without mentioning the unique Ike chandelier by DelightFULL. This piece is a fine addition to any modern home decor looking for a standout piece that brings the look to the trendy design line. The Ike chandelier is also a coveted piece in the hotel industry, a perfect piece for any hotel lobby looking for that extra flare.

Last but not least, DelightFULL’s Miles table lamp is a more subtle fit for your modern home decor if you want to keep things nice and simple. With a glossy black finish in its lampshade, Miles is the perfect, subtle touch you’ll need to be able to create a calm and soothing interior design of your modern living room.

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