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9 Cozy Living Room Ideas For Winter

Get snuggly with these cozy living room ideas!

Winter is fast approaching and we can feel the cold already! It’s time to wear warm clothes and prepare your home for the low temperatures. Today, we’ll be showing you how to endure the coldest season of the year with cozy living room ideas!

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Winter can be chilly and grey, but there is no need for your living room to look cold and bleak during winter season as well. Get ready for a home makeover and stay warm with these 9 cozy living room ideas!

1 – Romantic ambience

Romantic decorating doesn’t have to be relegated to the bedroom. It’s easy to bring a romantic vibe to any room in the house. Most can agree that a romantic ambience is elegant and comfortable, which is why it’s so great for living rooms.

9 Cozy Living Room Ideas For Winter

Think of a gorgeous romantic setup and match a dark color scheme with lot of shades of pink, golden details and floral prints. Complement them with layered blankets, pillows in romantic shades and elegant candlesticks.

2 – Scandi vibes

Scandinavia is located in Northern Europe, an area that is experiences very long and cold winters and doesn’t always have much light. Thus, over time, the natives began prioritizing furniture and decor that are primarily functional and comfortable, as well as colors that promote natural light.

Mix and match grey with pink and choose Scandi deco elements to decorate your space. Moreover, make everything cozy and magical by mixing dreamy magic lights with knitted and cozy blankets in a calm color palette.


3 – Pink dream

Pink is one of the colors that make it the easiest to produce a chic and elegant ambience, and that can never go wrong. You can definitely be comfortable and chic at the same time!

Pick a lot of velvet pillows and furry covers and choose pink and Bordeaux red as the main shades of this dreamy scenario. Also, make this space more beautiful and romantic with fall flowers or Bordeaux red roses and dreamy candles.

4 – Get moody with darker hues

Sometimes, vibrant colors can be overcoming, so you might want to take on darker tones. That being said, just because you’re using dark, it doesn’t mean your decor will be depressing. In fact, your dark decor can be just as brilliant as any other!

Pick darker shades when decorating your living room, everything will seem more cozy and mysterious. Give light to this space by choosing light colored deco items, a lot of candles and don’t forget a lot of cozy elements and furry rugs that will make everything comfy and chic.


5 – Be artful!

Do you have the perfect decor but the whole ambience still feels a bit vanilla? Like there’s something missing. Maybe you need some art to tie everything up! Art can come through wall art or even artsy patterns on accessories.

Think about pastels and choose a dreamy pastel sofa for your living room that you can decorate with cozy rugs and covers and a lot of chic ethnic pillows. Also, make this space more spectacular with an artsy statement picture.

6 – Stay modern

Elegant, streamlined and sophisticated, modern decor never really goes out of style and is very versatile, being easily adapted to your own preferences and needs.

Even a modern and hi-tech space can instantly become cozy with minimal covers with classy prints. Also, choose neutral pillows, velvet curtains and a neutral textured rug that will make this dreamy space even cozier.


7 – Turn on the lights!

Lighting is more than providing light. It can be a key element of decor, bringing comfort and even a somewhat magical touch to your decor, changing drastically your ambience.

Tying with the pink hues we have mentioned before, they go really well with neutrals so think of this dreamy color scheme when choosing your sofa and covers. Then, make this space really cool and trendy with lighted words in the same color palette.

8 – Tranquility is a mood

Excuse me the language pun, but during winter all you’ll want to do is chill. This is the season to get covered in blankets and sip on warm cups of tea while watching a great movie.

So, make a sophisticated and cozy space by decorating a neutral sofa with nude and grey pillows and a nude knitted pillow. As for your wall, decorate them with neutral framed pictures and the chic line art. The neutral colors will being you calm.


9 – Cozy dream

This entire post is about creating a warm and inviting environment to raise your spirits this winter!

Make a lovely neutral, white and black contrast by pairing neutral cozy elements with black steel, black frames and artsy deco items. This contrast will look great in your living room and every item will shine better, seeing every cozy element more appealing and comfy than ever.

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