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Decorating With Sophisticated Neutral Color Decor

Ideas to rework your living room with neutral color decor.

We often think good interior design colors refer to bright, bold hues, such as magentas, emeralds, cyans, and other trending, electric colors. However, color experts also know how to evaluate the smallest differences in shade and tone that easily missed untrained eyes, and they bring this color finesse to neutral spaces as well. Take a look at how to decorate your living room with neutral color decor.

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Material matters

Decorating With Sophisticated Neutral Color Decor

Warm wood tones, rich metal finished, and surface materials with depth are inherently welcoming and ideal for any home. For warmth and interest on the walls, using troweled plaster finished in various degrees of sheen and texture is not an unsound idea. Finally, luxurious materials can make a neutral palette more dynamic, for example accent of parchment or straw marquetry.


Neutrals Rainbow

Decorating With Sophisticated Neutral Color Decor

Add strong patters and contrast tones and textures to generate differences and create beautiful and sophisticated spaces. A rainbow of off-whites can make a beautiful neutral ambience with hues like a whisper of green, hints of gray, and mayonnaise.

Creative contrasts

Decorating With Sophisticated Neutral Color Decor

A neutral color scheme usually relies on a layered composition of subtle color tones, so it is helpful to keep an eye on individual color tones in order to make sure that there is enough contrast for the eye to distinguish the various layers. It is a good idea to add structure by selecting darker elements as well as highlights and occasional metal accents. Plants are another great way of creating bright focal points.


A lot of texture

Keep your design interesting by using a lot of texture and contrast between textures. Create depth through layers of rich textures and contrasting finishes. These textures can also be diverse in terms of colors, by making use of various shades of neutrals throughout your different textured pieces.

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