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Get The Tropical Vibe With a Bali Inspired Home Decor! 🌴

Eternal sunshine and tropical vibes it’s what comes to our mind when we think about Bali, right? Why not bring that vibe to our houses and live in a vacation destiny?

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Bali, an exotic destiny that I bet you would’t mind escape to, but if that’s not possible, we may have the solution for you. Let’s bring the Balinese vibe to your house instead. With some ideas we can recreate the island life, using elements such as rustic rattan, teak furniture, stylish handcrafted decor, lush colors and raw materials.

Balinese interior design incorporates the outdoors like no other interior design, this style is full of tropical elements, greenery and handcraft products using woods, bamboos and earthy ceramics. It’s about creating a balance environment between relaxing and elegant.  There’s also a sense of spirituality that comes from the Bali’s Budhas and other spiritual figures, these silhouettes are usually used in Bali made out of materials such as gold, ceramic, wood and gold, also handcrafted. Actually Bali houses are more of a compound than a monolithic building, the layout is strictly dictated by their religion, which is the Balinese Hinduism.

Get The Tropical Vibe With a Bali Inspired Home Decor! 🌴

Balinese style uses a lot of mosaic elements and patterns, always incorporated and balanced with other elements. The colors and mosaics are most seen in the accessories such as paintings, cushions, rugs and throws. Since the backgroud pallete is made out of pastel or neutral colors, you can also add the green element, leafy plants, tropical flowers, cactus, choose your favorites.

Wood. A material that you cannot ignore at all in a Bali inspired home decor. Solid woods such as teak, bamboo and some gums are perfect for Balinese furniture and even to use in the house structure. You can also mix different shades and types of wood, the result will be amazing!

Get The Tropical Vibe With a Bali Inspired Home Decor! 🌴

Bali culture defends Palemahan, which  means there must be good relations between residents and the environment. It’s all about balance, calme with elegance, beauty with practical, neutrals with more vibrant colors. And in the end, turns out you have the Bali inspired home decor you were looking for!


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