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Top 5 Ideas To Create a Boho-Chic Living Room!

Are you wondering how can you implement a boho-chic look in your living room? Check our 5 ideas to embrace la vie bohème!

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Boho-chic decoration is for those who want their homes full of color, culture and life. It is for those who wonder and explore. Bohemian design is all about different colors, textures, patterns, which in the end lead to an authentic, relaxed and unique design.

Who doesn’t love to break the rules once in a while? Well, this is the perfect style for those who don’t like to follow rules actually, you can choose the most random, colorful or authentic elements, all of them will have a place in your living room, it’s about building a living room full of personality that at sime time mirrors yours! However, if you don’t know where to start, keep scrolling because I’ll leave you with the top 5 ideas to create a boho-chic living room!

1. Colors

Choosing the color pallete you want to use is the first step, it will start to define your living room’s personality and set the mood. You can use your favorite colors, mix it all together and create a joyful space or, if you are looking for a more chilled and relaxed place, you can opt for a light color pallete. Use the decoration from all your previous trips to help to add some color and beauty to your living room. The key is combining and layering colors to make it a unique style.

Top 5 Ideas To Create a Boho-Chic Living Room!
Top 5 Ideas To Create a Boho-Chic Living Room!

2. Different textures and patterns

The boho-chic style is full of different patterns and textures. You’re suposed to break the rules, it’s not about matching but about blending the elements. You can use dyed textiles and patterns that you brought from previous trips to give the space the exotic and cultural element, you can hang tapestries on the walls next to your painting and photos, let your imagination guide you! If that’s no help, you can check below some boho-chic designs to get some inspiration from.

Top 5 Ideas To Create a Boho-Chic Living Room!
Top 5 Ideas To Create a Boho-Chic Living Room!

3. Decorative materials

This style is completely different from minimalist style, it’s actually the complete opposite. Boho-chic defends the “more is more”. As mentioned before, use different and natural materials, put some pillows and curtains, use rugs, throw rugs, crochet materials until you get that cozy look.

Top 5 Ideas To Create a Boho-Chic Living Room!
Top 5 Ideas To Create a Boho-Chic Living Room!

4. Go vintage

The most used furniture in boho-chic designs is vintage, you can use vintage pieces from a second hand shop or buy some mid-century modern pieces to create the same look. This style actually focuses more on mid-century modern accessories, inspired in the 60s and 70s. 

Top 5 Ideas To Create a Boho-Chic Living Room!
Top 5 Ideas To Create a Boho-Chic Living Room!

5. Boho-chic look achieved

If you look around your living room and you can complete the check list below, then you got it! Your boho-chic living room is ready to use!

✔️ relaxed
✔️ warm
✔️ comfortable
✔️ eclectic
✔️ lived in
✔️ colorful
✔️ full of culture
✔️ unique

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