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Across The Globe: A Monastery In Florence That Will Blow Your Mind

A charming apartment in Florence where past and present meet!

Welcome again to Across the Globe, Living Ideas’ bi-weekly signature! If you’re new here then buckle up because our goal is to take you across the world to witness the most unique, wonderful homes that will inspire you! This week, we’re taking you to the lovely Florence, to an apartment part of a Monastery dated back to the XII century. Are you as excited as us?

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Florence is a beautiful city in Italy that definitely deserves your attention. If you’re looking to explore the history, immense culture, incredible cuisine and kind people, then we’ve found the right place for you to stay in Florence while you do so. Set in a monastery dated back to the XII century, Maria Rita, the owner, welcomes you into an apartment that tells a story, full of modernity and youthfulness.

Across The Globe: A XII Century Monastery In Florence That Will Blow Your Mind

You could hardly believe this incredible apartment was once a Monastery. In fact, the spacious rooms were turned into the perfect setting for relaxation and fun in the city. Modern and colorful, it’s a space where past and present meet and welcome new people that are curious to know more about the city and the monastery itself, as it still preserves the original structure.

Across The Globe: A XII Century Monastery In Florence That Will Blow Your Mind

Original columns of the structure can still be seen but once you take a look at the staked pile of books, the TV, the colorful leather sofa, nature elements and even the patterned rug, you forget you’re even in Monastery dated back to the XII century.

Across The Globe: A XII Century Monastery In Florence That Will Blow Your Mind

They offer the entire first floor, divided by stairs and a beautiful sliding barn door. This floor is composed by a king-size bed with private bath and walking shower, and an amazing beamed ceiling (where you could still see a car paw). The bedroom has 2 windows, allowing the natural light to come in. They even provide a dock station in the room and DVDs player with a wide selection of movies.

Across The Globe: A XII Century Monastery In Florence That Will Blow Your Mind

Due to the spacious living room space, it is paired with a kitchen and dining room, with a view to the lovely backyard. Natural light comes in pretty easily from the glass doors and brightens up the space, bringing life to it. The kitchen and dining room are a contrast of neutral colors next to the colorful living room space, but it works perfectly, grays harmonizing with black, wood and white.

The bedroom has a touch of the past into a otherwise modern space. The bed contrasts with the suspended chandelier, as well as the choice of colors, and, honestly, we love it! Introducing a bit of history into a stay in the city is an amazing choice, as more and more, people look for experiences, places and activities they can learn from. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

The modern bathroom looks straight out of a four star hotel, with a modern and clean design that is well aware of its space and plays with it quite well. Part of a beautiful suite, it has all the amenities you could possibly need for a wonderful stay here.

Lastly, the beautiful backyard is another space where you can relax and enjoy the sun in this lovely and charming city with incredible history and culture that you’ll want to soak up during your stay. However, enjoy your stay in this apartment just as much. You won’t regret it!

An apartment set in an old Monastery of the XII century but restored to become a stunning and modern space to welcome new people visiting the city of Florence, it has amazing reviews by everyone that has seen it up close and stayed a couple of days. This apartment will make you fall in love! If you wish to know more or are interested in spending a few days in this apartment, why not check out Maria Rita’s Airbnb page? You’ll find a kind and helpful host. Everything you need to know is right here!

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