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How To Style A Small Round Side Table In Your Living Room Decor

With the right decor, a small round side table can be the focal point of your living room.

Side table styling is a bit of an art. Since side tables usually have prominent places in living rooms or master bedrooms, it’s important that they look good, but it’s equally important that they function in the way they’re supposed to. Fortunately, side table styling is easy to master as long as you keep certain guidelines in mind. Stick around to see all the choices we´ll give to you!

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It follows that choosing the right one for your living room is not a task to be underestimated, in terms of getting the style right for your living room to follow. Take cues from its age, material or size and springboard other decorating details from there.

If you’re trying to work out why your living room design is not what it should be, look to your side table as a good place to start. This side table is perfect for an elegant living room and of intrinsic harmony.


When it comes to side table styling it’s important to use items that are the right size. Items should have enough visual weight that they don’t get lost, but they should never be so big that they overwhelm the space or disrupt the functionality of the table.

They need to work with the other items in the living room and this side table is the perfect example of duality and contrast. Her colour and material combines with the rest of the living room and with that mixed-colours. This is an hourglass shaped side table finely produced in nero marquina marble.

When space is being used, it might be beneficial to have a lower display. The idea of mixing decorative objects, flowers, and books really can be a good idea to put on your side table. This side table that features a skilful engineered structure made of pipe rings, a hallmark of excellence in metalwork that supports a clear glass on the top.

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