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Living Room Tips: How to Place a Rug and Make it Look Perfect

Sometimes, great interior designs are all about symmetry and placing your furniture and accessories in the right places.

And while rug placement might seem like a fairly trivial and arbitrary subject when decorating your living room, it actually takes a little bit more effort than that. Knowing exactly how to place a rug in your living room is all about balance, and it can be crucial for the final result. Scroll down and find out how rug placement can make or break your living room decor.

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Small Living Room

If you’re working with a small living room, you might want to place your rug right in front of your sofa, leaving a little bit of space for the floor to be seen. This will create a lighter feeling and it will make your living room feel and appear bigger. Go for a couple of side tables instead of a coffee table, as it will allow for more of the rug to be seen.

Living Room Tips How to Place a Rug and Make it Look PerfectLiving Room Tips How to Place a Rug and Make it Look Perfect

Open Plan Living Room

If, on the other hand, you are working with a wide, open plan living room, remember to buy a rug big enough to let your furniture sit atop it. Preferably, you would want the front legs of your sofa and armchairs to be on top of the rug, as to cover the whole sitting area. This will transform your wide living room into a cozier setting.

Living Room Tips How to Place a Rug and Make it Look Perfect

Big Living Rooms and Modular Sofas

Again, one of the perks of having a big living room is that you can play with your furniture a little bit more than if you had a small living area. Because of that, and especially if you have a modular sofa, you should make sure your living room rug is large enough to hold all the furniture on it. Ideally you would want the sofa, armchairs and side or coffee tables to be atop the rug. Getting a rug this size might not be an easy task, so in this case it’s better to consider a custom-made rug.

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Living Room Tips How to Place a Rug and Make it Look Perfect

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