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Mid-century Furniture To Glam Up Your Modern Living Room

Set up a luxurious living room with these mid-century furniture pieces.

The territory of living room ideas is so vast it could itself be a country. However, what seems to be en vogue is the timeless mid-century style. Its clean lines and organic curves give it a sense of comfort and simplicity that people tend to yearn for nowadays. Add a touch of luxury to your modern living room with these pieces of mid-century furniture.

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Mid-century Furniture To Glam Up Your Modern Living Room

Why Mid-century Modern?

Because this is a style that is very moderate, not too eager to do something, but also showing some flare if and when the need comes. Its clean lines and organic curves prime for their comfort and minimal fuss, promoting an uncluttered and functional area – a nightmare for any maximalist.

But it’s not all about being sleek! Colors and materials are where mid-century style can bring in some boldness to the table. So it’s also quite versatile and adaptable to your particular tastes, adding a touch of luxury and style with even the smallest details.

Mid-century Furniture To Glam Up Your Modern Living Room

Mid-century Furniture

Mid-century furniture reproduces the very same aspects mentioned previously: sleek lines, organic curves, smooth surfaces, liberal usage of various materials, a wide color range from discreet to vibrant. Take a look at these few examples.

Marco armchair

Mid-century Furniture To Glam Up Your Modern Living RoomDesigned for comfort in style, this armchair brings an uncommonly round shape with curvy and comfortable arms, without sacrificing an organic, more natural sleek look. It’s well-cushioned body is supported by wood feet with accents of brass that give it a stylish touch.

Newson center table

Mid-century Furniture To Glam Up Your Modern Living RoomReady to set a tone on your modern living room, this low coffee table will definitely make a statement in your living room. It is a smoked glass surface supported by v-shaped golden brass legs, creating a dazzling contrast that exudes luxury.

Dandridge sofa

Mid-century Furniture To Glam Up Your Modern Living RoomSofas are probably the most important piece of furniture in any living room. After all, you don’t lay down on your sideboard after a long work day. Another piece to make a statement, this sofa displays accented arms in a body supported by tapered legs in polished brass, making it both versatile and stylish.

Anthony sideboard

Mid-century Furniture To Glam Up Your Modern Living RoomA mid-century modern living room needs to be uncluttered and functional – that’s where a sideboard steps in! This one is a body of solid walnut topped by white marble and supported by brass feet. The body shaped organically and is decorated by brass accents. Retro meets contemporary!

Ivete floor lamp

To provide your living room with a groovy and stylish decoration, check your palm tree-shaped floor lamp. It is designed to be a perfect decorative piece for an exotic environment, being a body shaped like a gold plated tree and supported by a marble base. Very stylish!


Try out these pieces pf furniture when building your modern living room!

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