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Styling Your Living Room Using Earth Tones

Bring some sober warmth into your new living room!

Earth tones is a color scheme that can have multiple meanings, from referring to anything containing brown, like the soil, to natural colors, like the green of leaves and blue of the sky. The most common association, however, is with warm and inviting colors such as brown, red, orange, dark green, so on and so forth. Today, we will be talking a little bit about this beautiful and elegant color palette!

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What colors are earth tones?

First of all, it is important to establish what colors can be considered earth tones. The most common presumption is that this color palette draws color from warm and earthy hues of browns, tans, greys, oranges, reds and even some blues and whites. These colors are muted and flat in an emulation of natural colors found in the soil, moss, trees, rocks, skies, leaves, and so forth.

Styling Your Living Room Using Earth Tones

Why use them at home?

When used at home, earth tones can keep things grounded, tying together different colors and materials with a certain ease. If you want to style your living room (or any room) with a sense of deeper connection with nature for example, you might want to use an earthy palette. These hues attempt to emulate nature, making them quite suitable for a more realistic and natural-feeling ambience.

If you’re looking for interior design trends, then know that earth tones palette is also very trendy for Fall decor, since its color scheme simulates many of the spectacular displays of color that you can observe during that season. These tones create a harmonious and welcoming interior that connects deeply with the world outside. Such ambience can be quite inspiring and serene, boosting any space’s potential for social interactions and also have a relaxing and energizing effect on the people in it.


Earth tones are also very versatile. They can be used in the living room decor of either luxurious or more rustic designs, in both modern and traditional homes. This palette is pleasing to a very extensive amount of people. There is no way you can fail with these amazing colors!

Styling Your Living Room Using Earth Tones

How to use them at home

Remember that some earthy tones are quite darker in shade, while others lighter. Thus, you don’t want your living room to become too dark and depressing or too light and overcoming. Combine colors that will go well together, balancing each other out.

A good way to do this is to apply the color rule 60-30-10: 60% walls, 30% upholstery fabrics, 10% accessories. Remember that earth tones all complement and compliment each other, which means you can even combine different shades of the same color! In moderation, of course.


When it comes to accessories, you sort of have free reign. Since it’s only 10% of your decor, you can venture to explore the bolder side of this color palette and add some dramatic touches to tour overall ambience. Don’t forget that brightly colored lamps inject boldness into the mix as well.

Are you planning to use the nature-inspired earth tones this Fall, or ever? Design schemes can be quite hard to compose and the universe of living room ideas is beyond vast. We hope this article was somehow useful to you. Have fun decorating!

Styling Your Living Room Using Earth Tones

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