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3 Ways To Get Cozy With Lovely Fireplace Warmth

Fireplace decor ideas because fiery warmth is as comfortable as comfortable is.

Ever since we realized that living indoors is better than outdoors, we have been trying to incorporate elements of the outside in – how ironic! When it comes to fire, it is much more than just about turning the heating on. Check out these fireplace decor ideas to make a cozy living room.

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3 Ways To Get Cozy With Lovely Fireplace Warmth

Lighting a fire is not at all like turning the heating on. Fire has the ability to completely change the atmosphere by providing literal and figurative warmth. Fire is a fascinating show for the eyes and the smell, the sound, and the soft, hypnotizing warm light make up for a nice and cozy ambience that is almost impossible to replicate.

Nowadays, in the age of central heating, a fireplace is not longer an actual necessity, and that’s actually a good thing! It means we are now free to explore the decorative potential of a fireplace and enjoy the cozy benefits they provide. Fireplaces are no doubt a instant statement of character for any living room and will surely make you want to stay in enjoying fiery spectacles of light!


Get Cozy With Lovely Fireplace Warmth

Before getting comfortable, make sure you have some style applied to your fireplace. Mirrors above fireplaces is a trend that seems to be here to stay and the same goes for wall art. Any of these will give your living room a much more modern flare, refined and dignified. A mirror will give a sense of space and wall art an art gallery feel. So, be sure to pick the right mirror or piece of art to place above your fireplace.


3 Ways To Get Cozy With Lovely Fireplace Warmth

There’s probably nothing more cozy than a fireplace, so you might want to take advantage of that. You can create a fireplace corner where you place your favorite armchairs and blankets and spend a lovely evening watching a fire burn while conversing with great company.

3 Ways To Get Cozy With Lovely Fireplace Warmth


3 Ways To Get Cozy With Lovely Fireplace Warmth

Nothing calls for fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, and a good book like a rustic fireplace, so if you like the style, you should go for it! Texture your mantel by adding wood and other pieces with incorporated natural elements. Greenery and faux taxidermy are more than welcome. You’ll be refusing to move away from the fire!

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