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5 Ways To Bring Hygge Decor Into Your Living Room

Get cozy in style with hygge decor!

Hygge is a Danish word used when describing a feeling or moment as as cosy, charming or special. In reality, it’s not a thing you can adopt or buy. It’s not a lifestyle or an acquisition. It’s more of a set of feelings and sensations. There’s really no proper way to do hygge, so these are just ways to make your living room more cozy and intimate. They might help you bringing hygge decor in, especially now that winter is here!

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Hygge is a process of consciousness and that’s all it requires, as there is no real way to do it. Another form of describing it is as the “art of creating intimacy”. There is no one proper word to directly translate hygge into English, but some words can be used as equivalents such as cozy, happiness, kinship and simpleness.

You can imagine why Danes created such a concept. Scandinavia can be cold and dark, limiting your options to have fun and distract yourself, so something had to be done about it! That’s how hygge was born. And thank goodness for it, because now you can even decorate according to it! As said previously, it’s a process of consciousness, but these 5 tips might help you achieve it.


1 – Warm knit blankets

This one is obvious. If you want comfort inside, then you need warm knit blankets. It’s a law of physics that the you can’t go around of. There is something to the cozy feeling they give you as you cover yourself with one while it rains outside. Besides, they look gorgeous as a pice of decor.

5 Ways To Bring Hygge Decor Into Your Living Room

2 – Mood lighting

Lighting is one of the most important things in any room and mood lighting is crucial for a cozy ambience, especially in fall and winter. Choose warm-colored lights and dim them as you see fit. For example, you can dim the lights in your living room when you’re sitting in the sofa enjoying a cup of tea and watching your favorite movie.

5 Ways To Bring Hygge Decor Into Your Living Room

3 – Cozy corners

If you don’t want to redecorate your entire living room with hygge in mind, then setting up a cozy corner might be a solution for you. Look at the corners of your living room and pick one that you feel like would be great to be comfortable at. In it, place a lamp, a side table, your favorite armchair and thrown in a blanket and a pillow. A cozy corner is beautifully satisfying because it gives you a space that feels especially made for you. That is as cozy as it gets!

4 – Comfy slippers

Comfy slippers are gifts from the heavens. We will fight anyone that claims otherwise! It’s winter, it’s cold, you want to stay in. Those comfortable warm pillows that you quite literally put on your feet are just vital.

5 Ways To Bring Hygge Decor Into Your Living Room

5 – Flickering candles

We can probably all agree that flickering flames of candles are one of the coziest things in existence. If you don’t want to light small fires in your house though, you can use those battery-powered candles that still give off those vibes you’re looking for. Nowadays you can even find them artificial candles made out of real wax!

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