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5 Zen Decor Tips so You Can Calm Down in Your Living Room 🧘

Zen decors will help you to relax after a busy period or a period of stress. Check out today how your living room can help you destress.

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We’re living in strange times and that can stress us out, but when we go back to our normal lives we’re also going to have some kind of stress again. now that we have time to change some things in our house, let’s take the time to upgrade or living rooms into zen spaces. We’re going to show you 5 zen decor tips that will help you to de-stress when you sit down in your comfy sofa.

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Nature is there to help

Our first zen decor tip would be to have a lot of fresh air in your room. Get a space that gets enough natural lighting and some plants to ‘clean’ the air. Windowed walls are ideal, but it’s ok if you don’t have it, just have enough light coming into your room. The plants don’t have to overwhelm you, they just have to be enough and empower your room, just like this mid-century living room down below. The plants are more concentrated on the right side o the living room, making that spot the ideal spot to de-stress. With a little mid-century touch, you make this room much customizable. Like with that little Billy table lamp from DelightFULL.

5 Zen décor tips so you can calm down in your living room

The lamp from the living room here above, also adding a touch of zen into this living room. Its design is keen and acts as a zen decor element in this living room, as you see every object can be adding some zen depending on how and where you place is.

5 Zen décor tips so you can calm down in your living room

Soft colours and materials help you to relax

Our second zen decor tip is to use soft colours and materials in your living room. Not only are the colours helping to feel extra relaxed, but the immense space you have will only benefit to de-stress. Also, you’ll feel empowered by nature thanks to the plants on the inside and the spectacular view of this living room. The soft green and grey colours, with touches of gold, embrace the zen effect you need.

5 Zen décor tips so you can calm down in your living room

This living room above is mainly in green, one of the most natural colours you can have. Thanks to the exquisite materials of the mid-century brand Essential Home, you’ll always feel relaxed. Making even the Ellen chairs at the corners easy to be zen in. Everything in this living room helps to add value to the zen decor elements.

5 Zen décor tips so you can calm down in your living room

Feel free

Our third zen decor tip is to really find a room where you can feel free, without stress and yourself. In the worst case, you adapt your living room towards your needs, it doesn’t have to be a whole special room. Your living room is a space where you have a lot of life, but you can also turn that life into an extra tool to get zen.

5 Zen décor tips so you can calm down in your living room

Planning is key

Our fourth zen decor tip is to plan it ahead, so go sit down with your partner (and kids) and figure out how your living room can be the place for your whole family to de-stress, maybe even together. Now that we all have to stay in quarantine, this is the perfect occasion to do so. You just have to figure out what the points are that stress or get you out of your ‘zen‘ and what makes you feel zen and de-stressed. When you find all the connecting dots, you can create the perfect zen decor for your living room.

5 Zen decor tips so you can calm down in your living room
5 Zen décor tips so you can calm down in your living room

No electronic devices

Our last zen decor tip is to decorate with objects that you de-stress. So don’t have any laptops, smartphones or other electronic devices nearby, turn off your television and try to just have paintings or photos of special moments with your friends and family. Nostalgic feelings also help to get easier zen, of course think positively, because when you are happy your moment of de-stress will be more intense and effective.

5 Zen décor tips so you can calm down in your living room

There you go, hope you got something to do in the next couple of weeks in quarantine. Hope our 5 zen decor tips helped you to start thinking about how you can maybe improve your living room.

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There you go, I hope you like our 5 zen decor tips!

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