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Living Room Ideas Header

Have As Much Natural Light As Possible with Windowed Walls!

Windowed Walls bring a lot of advantages to your Living room.
So, look at the sun outside
(or imagine that) and get inspired.

It’s a common feeling, we see the natural lighting of the sun outside but we can’t go out because of illness, quarantine, or another reason. It’s frustrating sometimes not to be able to go outside when the sun is shining. That’s where windowed walls can help you. They’re not only a nice decorative element of your mid-century home, but they do help to provide happiness. Because let’s be honest, you’ve never met somebody who doesn’t smile when the sun shines, do you?

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Let’s start our discovery into the wonderful world of the windowed walls by stopping at a beautiful and peaceful reading corner of a house in the mountains. You can see kilometres/miles ahead of you while reading your favourite book or taking your morning coffee. You can even stay here during the sunset, thanks DelightFULL‘s subtle Miles floor lamp. Thanks to this open space and much light that enters through these windows, your living room will always be a nice place to stay in.

Have As Much Natural Light As Possible with Windowed Walls

The next brilliant house with windowed walls we want to show you brings a lot of luxury and mid-century together. You’re sitting in the living room and you’re only surrounded by natural light, coming right through the windows. The sunlight makes this room feel extra special and the soft colours of the furniture really come alive. When night falls you can, of course, still enjoy all the exquisite materials and colours of the furniture, thanks to the Cannonball suspension light of DelightFULL. To make this living room even more complete, you should change the side table. It should enhance the light and brightness of the whole room, that’s why the Lautner Center Table of Essential Home would suit way better in this living room.

Have As Much Natural Light As Possible with Windowed Walls
Have As Much Natural Light As Possible with Windowed Walls
Cannonball, the lamp that steals the show when the sun goes down.

The next inspirational living room in our windowed walls-tour is this amazing living room with a view of downtown New York City. You see the touches of gold combined with the Essential Home Vinicius dining table made of black and white marble. Making this one of the most perfect spots to eat, and yes, there are people who have a dining table in their living room.

The lighting in this living room is just something you will enjoy every day, especially if you’re sitting in one of these comfortable Collins dining chairs from Essential Home. So you can enjoy every meal with a beautiful view of the city, the perfect place if you ask me while being in quarantine.

Let’s not forget that these amazing windowed walls will always have an effect on this mid-century living room. Even by night, these windows will give you a spectacular view, as I said before. However, I can imagine that you don’t want everybody to see what you’re eating or doing at night, so you eventually have to close your curtains. Than the Vaughan suspension lighting, by DelightFULL, will continue providing enough light to enjoy the rest of your evening or night.

With all of these amazing examples of beautiful mid-century living rooms with windowed walls, I think you can start dreaming about how you can improve or renovate yours.

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Hope you liked and got inspired by this blog post about windowed walls!


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All the employees of DelightFULL & Essential Home
– and the COVET group – 
wish you the best during these difficult times. 
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