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8 Living Room Design Mistakes To Avoid All Year Round

These living room design mistakes should be banned from existence!

If you’re just now starting to take your first steps in home decor, these are the interior design mistakes you’re probably making and need to stop doing right now! Let’s take a look at the 8 living room design mistakes almost everyone makes or has made, and how to fix them immediately, to get the true interior design of your dreams.

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The Wrong Color

8 Living Room Design Mistakes To Avoid All Year Round_1

A common mistake when decorating for the first time is to pick your favorite color and think it will go well on the walls of your living room or bedroom. Instead, go for neutrals that you can easily challenge with bold colors on your favorite furniture or lighting pieces, even artwork.


Not Enough Empty Space

8 Living Room Design Mistakes To Avoid All Year Round_2

You don’t have to fill every inch of your room or walls. Instead, start with a rug and plan around the area, defining the space with room for walkways and transition between furniture areas. It will certainly improve your space and not make it feel so claustrophobic and outdated.

Too Many Trends

8 Living Room Design Mistakes To Avoid All Year Round_3

Yes, there is such a thing as too many trends. If you attempt to incorporate every trend you’ve ever heard of inside your home, it will look messy and mismatched. Instead, take a step back, go for classic and timeless pieces and if you do like a few trends in interior design, distribute them through the different spaces of your home, or pick your favorite that you’re sure you’ll love in the long-run.

Mixed Up Measurements

8 Living Room Design Mistakes To Avoid All Year Round_4

We’re sure you might also have made this mistake at least once in your life, but it’s one that completely ruins the space. Purchasing furnishing that is too big or too small for the space you’re decorating is a huge sin, so better measure your room and create a floor plan to make sure it all works and is functional, while also being incredibly stylish.


Decorating With Posters

8 Living Room Design Mistakes To Avoid All Year Round_5

Seriously, those teenager years are over, it’s time to invest in some artwork and ditch those posters. Art doesn’t have to be expensive either, you can even frame bigger versions of your favorite photos and create your own little gallery. If you love that poster of your favorite movie, how about framing it nicely next to an art that reminds you of that particular plot or movie location?

Shopping On Impulse

8 Living Room Design Mistakes To Avoid All Year Round_6

One of the biggest design mistakes we’ve all made is shopping on a whim and purchasing furniture that doesn’t work in the long-run in your home. Trends come and go, so you have to choose pieces you’re sure about and that will leave a long-lasting feeling in your heart every time you look at it. It will have to be your style, but also timeless and that work with the rest of your furnishing. Keep this in mind!

Quality Over Quantity

8 Living Room Design Mistakes To Avoid All Year Round_7

Most of us have already purchased quite a few furniture and lighting pieces that are cheaper but more poor in design quality. We end up buying a lot of pieces for a smaller price and think we’re getting quite a deal. Rethink this strategy and go for pieces that have higher quality and will last a lot longer.

Not Recognizing Personal Style

8 Living Room Design Mistakes To Avoid All Year Round_8

You don’t have to have the picture perfect home you see in your favorite home decor magazine or blog, or even in the interior design projects created by your favorite interior designers and architects. Learn to recognize what works for you, for your home, for your space. Learn to appreciate the small findings from your favorite stores or markets, add them to your decor, make it your own. Don’t copy spaces just because you kind of like their aesthetic.

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