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Living Room Ideas Header

Living Room Design Tips That Top Interior Designers Swear By

These are the living room design tips you should follow when decorating your space! Don’t trust us? Check it for yourself!

With so many new trends and rules to follow when decorating a room, we understand if you’re a little overwhelmed and don’t know exactly where to start when decorating your living room. Because of that, we’ve gathered some living room design tips brought to you by some of the best interior designers in the field!

Carlo Donati Collection

Mix Time Periods & Styles

Living Room Design Tips That Top Interior Designers Swear By_1 (1)

Interior designer Kathryn M. Ireland suggests you do the same that she did in her stunning Santa Monica home: mix old and new, vintage and modern. Don’t be afraid to change the rules, mix it up, and bring a more personalized and unique touch to your living room.

Create Moody Contrast With Colors

Living Room Design Tips That Top Interior Designers Swear By_2 (1)

Designer Irakli Zaria recommends a touch of color amidst neutrals, with a calming color scheme that will bring comfort and beauty to your living room. Gold and brass details can help immensely reach this look!

Invite Nature Indoors

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Interior designer Tamara Magel says “I don’t like to look around a house and not see touches from the outdoors,” and don’t we agree? Nature indoors, eco-friendly designs, it’s the big trend for 2020 and you should definitely be keeping this in mind for your living room!

Choose Your Rug Carefully

Living Room Design Tips That Top Interior Designers Swear By_4 (1)

You can’t really pick a rug through a computer or phone. When shopping for the perfect rug for your living room, you should go and find it in person. Sizes, colors, patterns, even the feel of it, it should all be checked personally before deciding on the right one. This is a tip that every designer will give you.

Use Furniture To Better Organize Your Space

Living Room Design Tips That Top Interior Designers Swear By_5 (1)

Furniture is a great way to section off your space, especially if you want to separate a room in a living and dining room. Meredith Mahoney, founder and design director of Birch Lane, says that furniture is the perfect way to organize an open-space (and we all known open-spaces are such a huge trend this year!) so why not let that sofa and floor lamp do the work for you?


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