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Top Design Posts Of 2018 You Can’t Miss Right Here!

Welcome to our personal 2018 rewind!

2019 is upon us, greeting us with amazing trends, news and events, but 2018 still has a lot to teach us and inspire us. We’re taking one last look at 2018 and checking out the top design posts of last year that are sure to inspire you for this new year, as well as teach you the do’s and don’t’s of home decor.

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Living Room Inspirations: A Pile of Pillows Helps The Medicine Go Down

Top Design Posts Of 2018 You Can’t Miss Right Here!“Just a pile of pillows helps the medicine go down, in a most delightful way!”, this basically means that pillows make everything better, they even help you get your medicine go down, just like a spoon full of sugar did in Mary Poppins song. So the trick is to understand how pillows get help cure our worst diseases and the most common one; tiredness!

We Found the Scandinavian Living Room Ideas You Were Looking For

Top Design Posts Of 2018 You Can’t Miss Right Here!Because Winter means coziness, fuzzy blankets and warming up around the fireplace, today we are showing you the Scandinavian living room ideas you have been looking for. They are filled with amazing living room decor inspiration and accessories that have everything to transform your own living area into the living room of your dreams.

The Best Luxury Living Room Designs from Our Favorite Celebrities

Top Design Posts Of 2018 You Can’t Miss Right Here!When it comes to celebrity homes, they always make us feel fascinated. The truth is that with the access to the most talented interior designers they create the most stunning space with the coolest furniture and lighting designs. But, the space that raises more interest is definitely the living room designs.

Warning! These Are the Best Small Living Room Ideas of the Year

Top Design Posts Of 2018 You Can’t Miss Right Here!We understand the problems of having a small living room. You want that stunning sofa, but it doesn’t quite fit in your room, or you were thinking about using a special wallpaper, but it might close up the space even more. Well, those problems end today, because we are about to share with you the best small living room ideas of the year!

5 Black Leather Sofas, Or ‘We Found What Your Living Room Was Missing’

Top Design Posts Of 2018 You Can’t Miss Right Here!Are you currently looking at your living room and feel like there is something missing? Like something is not quite right yet? We’ll help you. What you are missing indeed is the right leather sofa. Although brown leather sofas get the best rep in social platforms such as Pinterest, we should not also forget about black leather sofas. They are gorgeous, and they instantly elevate any living room design! Check out our favorites!

Answered: The Best Mid-Century Table Lamps for Your Living Room!

We mean serious business when we’re talking about lighting. Lighting can influence the way we perceive an entire space, so if you want your living room to look like the ones you see on Pinterest and Elle Decor, you might want to focus your attention on that (not so) small detail. And now you don’t need to look any further because we are showing you the best mid-century table lamps for your living room!

Meet Audrey: The Mid-Century Rug Your Living Room Deserves

You can’t really talk about a mid-century living room without talking about rugs. They go hand in hand, and when we talk about mid-century rugs we are talking about colorful, patterned, bright rugs that don’t go unnoticed. Just a few days ago, designer and fashion designer Philippe Model announced his selection of furnishing pieces in Maison & Objet’s online platform MOM, and Audrey mid-century rug was literally at the top of his list. Let’s find out why!

7 Mid-Century Armchairs That Will Forever Change Your Living Room

It is no secret that the mid-century modern style is amongst millennial’s favorites interior design styles. The simple and clean lines are usually paired with warm tones that take us back to the fun 1960s and the cheerful 1970s Palm Springs lifestyle. And if you are looking to recreate that feeling, here is a list of seven mid-century armchairs that will bring Palm Springs into your living room.

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