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Floral Wallpapers For A Summer Living Room Decor

Floral wallpapers, that at least remind you of your grandparent’s home. Amount of people really has an antipathy against the flowery wall design. But now, like nearly every trend, it comes back with all of the power and you will be surprised!

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Of course, it is the same trend so what should have changed since then? Oh, I can tell you, it is definitely a trend you may know already, but in a completely different design. Nowadays the wallpaper trend represents the harmonious union between timeless design and youthful innovation, it shows depth and buoyancy. When you mix it with your favorite furniture the wallpaper is the best way to personalize a room much more!

This floral wallpaper is the perfect addition to the interior of the room. It picks up pretty much every color actor in the room in its print and keeps the room grounded because of it. The different textures of the interior bring some sober excitement, but the wallpaper is the piece of the room which gives depth and brio. It is a good example of friendly, open room decor with a light wallpaper which is not taken every single attention!

Floral Wallpapers For A Summer Living Room DecorThe beautiful flower wallpaper in 2019 is the most coveted one of all. You can get it in abstract and literal-are design, also like in very fine prints and big prints. Bigger prints have the impression of still-life and giving us a unique feeling of weightlessness. To get a connection between wallpaper and the room you can add real flowers in the same color family. So who wants to stop time, just for getting a little bit time out of the hectic everyday stress?

Editors Choice

Floral Wallpapers For A Summer Living Room Decor

Doris Sofa


Floral Wallpapers For A Summer Living Room Decor
Not only an eye-catching trend but also it is one of the most practical and modifiable ones. Say hello to adhesives and removability! The excuse to be more variable without the paper is not up to date anymore! So many variants are waiting out there for you. Even in the art production of the wallpapers, there are many variables to discover. From very fine lines and exact flower pattern to this style here, more acryl, more abstract. Choose which is fitting to your character!

Floral Wallpapers For A Summer Living Room DecorSo, whatever interior design style you’re into – formal or easy-going – you can include florals in your design and be on-trend, is it not amazing? See, here the living room comes in a totally different character around the corner.  Not a girlie look in defiance of the flower wall. With its darker and more breezy look, it creates a mystery but comfortable atmosphere. With adding styles with industrial or natural elements you can turn your living room easy to your personal paradise in a totally unconventional way!

Editors Choice:

Floral Wallpapers For A Summer Living Room Decor

Lautner Tv Table

Floral wallpapers are what you use when you watch a touch of historic elegance or sophistication. From abstract to realistic, from maximalist to minimalist, for everyone is one exact wallpaper to find!

If you are feeling like your home needs an update, this might be the perfect change! For the beginning maybe you just start with a little corner of floral wallpaper in your living room, just to be sure- step for step!

written by Lena Meißner

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