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Across The Globe: A Stunning Forest Themed Apartment In Melbourne

A small and cozy apartment with a forest and heaven theme that is sure to take you to paradise!

Welcome once again to Across the Globe, Living Ideas’ bi-weekly signature! If you’re new here then buckle up because our goal is to take you across the world to witness the most unique, wonderful homes that will inspire you! This week, we’ll be taking you all the way to Australia and the amazing city of Melbourne, to discover an apartment that is straight out of a dream.

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If you’re looking to explore Melbourne, don’t go for the typical apartment or loft. Klaudia, Jonathan, Maria & Tony, the owners of an incredible apartment in this city, are ready to change your mind and make you believe in paradise and fairy tales once again. With a forest-and-heaven themed home that you can stay in and enjoy what feels to be becoming one with nature behind closed doors, you won’t want to leave this apartment and end your vacation so soon.

Across The Globe: A Stunning Forest Themed Apartment In Melbourne

We couldn’t be more obsessed with this apartment. We’re starting this tour on the living room of what seems to be a home straight out of a fairy tale. From the curtains with the forest theme and green carpet to replicate grass to the logs for chairs and incredible lighting pieces that bring warmth to the room, how could one resist such a welcoming, relaxing and creative design?

Across The Globe: A Stunning Forest Themed Apartment In Melbourne

Although small in space, the use of every element makes this a room that appears so much bigger than it is, creating a forest inside a simple living room, with the use of a mirror and wallpaper on the walls to elongate the space. The small details like branches all around the side table and even the swinging chair, make this a space of ultimate relaxation and comfort that truly makes anyone feel like they are in the middle of nature.

With access to a TV, this living room is still very much modern, as you can see from the design itself and the use of accessories like patterned blue pillows on the carpet that simulate rocks find in the wilderness. Do you need a better simulation than this? Bringing the nature inside really brightens up the home decor of this small apartment, so you will not only witness nature in the beautiful city of Melbourne, but also when you get home after a long day of exploring.

The dining space next to the living room is a joy to be in as itself. You can close the curtains to get a more immersive experience of this forest themed space as the lights shine on the dining table and you get to sit on the log dining stools, seemingly natural but designed with precision and beauty to become as stunning as the rest of the room.

Right next to the dining room, you’ll find a modern kitchen like the one you’d find at home, one of the few spaces in the house where the theme is not all around the space. However, you’ll still get a hint of nature elements, with the plants on the counter or on the wall just in front of the kitchen. The black and white paired with shiny elements and marble counter-tops makes this for a dreamy kitchen we’d all want to have.

It’s in the bedroom, however, that you’ll find the most relaxing and comforting theme: heaven. Surrounded by cloud patterned walls, suspension lights in the form of clouds and even fuzzy and comfortable pillows, white and blue reign this space where you just want to lay down and enjoy the feeling of all the stress leaving your muscles as you finally believe you can start your vacation with all the tranquility.

The bathroom is the last feature of this house and you’ll find the forest theme is a recurrent one, with artificial walls of cascading leaves coming together with the modernity of the white tiles and glass doors of the shower.

An apartment with incredible creativity and inspiration that will make you fall in love with Melbourne. Small, cozy, ready to inspire you and to bring out the best of your adventurous spirit, this apartment will appear on your dreams for years after your vacation. If you wish to know more or are interested in spending a few days in this apartment, why not check out Klaudia, Jonathan, Maria & Tony’s Airbnb page? You’ll find hosts that are generous and helpful. Everything you need is right here!

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