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How to Embrace Biophilia Decor Trend in Your Living Room!

A simple way to reduce stressimprove cognitive function and creativity? Biophilia decor. Hard to believe? Keep scrolling!

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Biophilia decor is all about blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor places, is the art of bringing the outside in. And why is that so important? It can improve air quality and give us a greater sense of wellbeing, especially when living in a big city where nature is not so present. When adding or using natural elements like plants, greenery, sunlight, natural materials and fresh air around your house, you can experience a sense of calm and clarity that you could only find in the wild nature.

So there’s no doubt now that incorporating biophilic elements into our interior design is good for our mental and physical health . Bellow you’ll find some tricks to bring the outside in!

The first trick is lettign the light shine in. Big and clear windows are an easy way to get plenty of daylight and if you add some mirrors around your living room it will reflect lots of light as well.

How to embrace biophilia decor trend in your living room!
How to embrace biophilia decor trend in your living room!

Introducing plants  is a key elements to biophilia decor, it not only will help you to reduce stress but also will clean the air and help to creat a calmer space. However, you cannot forget to water then to keep them green and beautiful!

How to embrace biophilia decor trend in your living room!
How to embrace biophilia decor trend in your living room!

Use natural materials such as wood, marble, stone, granite and cork in your living room. Adding different textures on furniture will make your living room look even more stylish.

Choose natural colors and patterns. Choosing shades of green, brown and blues can mirror the effect of nature, it will help to create a happier, positive and creative environment.

There’s more ways to give your living room a biophilia decor, adding a wallpaper with nature patterns, hanginf some nature painting on the wall, use pillows with nature patterns or even other elements of decoration nature inspired.

To sum up, all you need to a biophilia decor to bring a rustic french style to your living room as well is to use natural colors, natural materials, let the light shine in, natural shapes, add some plants and some nature inspired elements. It’s actually really easy, right?

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