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The Best Designs From the 70s to Décor your Living Room!

Are you looking to a throwback renovation? So, let’s travel back in time and bring the best of the 70s!

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The truth is many interior designers still find inspiration in that bohemian, cheerful, elegant and breezy era. The 70s was a time of boho hippie vibes, disco and rock ‘n’ roll music. People didn’t really care about rules, they just wanted to enjoy life to the fullest and make the best out of everything.

In what concerns interior designing, the joyful colors, patterns, macramé, and shag carpets are the main characeristic that best represent the 70s. Do you want to see some inspiring and stylish ideas from that era that can embellish your space and add that classy final touch? Come along!

In the 70s you could see oranges, avocados and brown everywhere. So an easy way to add the 70s vibe is for example placing an orange armchair in your living room. One that’s not only confortable but that also brings the best out of the 70s style.

The best designs from the 70s to décor your living room!

It’s impossible to create a 70s inspired living room without using some vintage pieces, right? And besides that, a living room is never complete without an outstanding sofa, so think about the best of both worlds below!

The best designs from the 70s to décor your living room!


The best designs from the 70s to décor your living room!

Geometric shapes, sculptural furniture are also two trademarks of the 70s glamour. As well as shag carpets, it not only adds some color to the living room but it’s also practical.

The best designs from the 70s to décor your living room!

The use of wood materials was widespread in that era, mainly pine or teak wood furniture, as well as a lot of stone. And every living room needs some glamour, that’s when we look for pieces with marble. It can be said that marble is a sort of bridge the gap between ’70s natural and 70s glamour.


House plants and indoor gardens are also a remarcable aspect of the 70s. So choose some pieces of nature and take it inside, the result will be amazing and can help you to complete the boho hippie style from that decade!

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