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Scandinavian Living Room Ideas For Balance and Modernity

Scandinavian design is the most sophisticated way to balance and modernity!

When it comes to living room ideas, Scandinavian design is known for its minimal yet sophisticated looks. This clean style is based on a pragmatic interior design philosophy that focuses on functionality and minimal appearances that are no less sophisticated for it. Today, we will be showing you a few Scandinavian style ideas to serve as guidelines for you to build your own living room decor.

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One might ask themselves how Scandinavian Design came to be. Design trends are shaped by culture and one of the things that shape culture is the physical environment in which such culture develops.

Scandinavia is located in Northern Europe, an area that is experiences very long and cold winters and doesn’t always have much light. Thus, over time, the natives began prioritizing furniture and decor that are primarily functional and comfortable, as well as colors that promote natural light. To provide a better picture, we present you 10 Scandinavian design living room ideas.




Simplicity is one of the particular traits of Scandinavian design and that translates even into the color choices. You can easily notice that there are two colors that tend to stand your in Scandinavian interiors: white and gray. This is mostly for two reasons: these colors are simple and also make the room feel more light and airy, which is very much welcome in Scandinavia.

Naturally, however, just these two colors can make the room feel very plain. To overcome the chance of the room becoming too dull, you can add pops of colors here and there, both in furniture and accessories, in order to liven up the room a little. However, do not overdo it (simplicity first!) and make sure to use colors that go well with each other – it has to make sense!

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas For Balance and Modernity



Space and Functionality

Another priority is functionality. That’s why Scandinavian rooms seem so spotless and neat. Furnishings are placed based first on how functional they will be. Furniture and even accessories need to be able to organize things placed in the room.

Space is also of the utmost importance. The style becomes clearer with more space. Since functionality is a significant consideration in this style, you need to remember that each item must function as something. You don’t want unnecessary items scattering your living room.

A bookshelf and some boxes need to organize boxes quite well. Sofas and armchairs have to be big enough to successfully support the number of people living in the house, while also leaving room for mobility. You get the picture!

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas For Balance and Modernity

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas For Balance and Modernity

Mindful decorations

We have already settled that furniture and decorations have to be functional. However, sometimes you may need to spice up your living room a little bit – as we’ve said earlier, Scandinavian design can easily become dull if not done correctly.

Since the dominant colors will be white and gray, a stronger color that stands out will liven up the room. Shapes are also important. For example, in this picture, the room is very simple, but black chandelier gives it a touch of color and vintage uniqueness.

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas For Balance and Modernity

Make sure you do not forget the guiding principles of Scandinavian Design: simplicity, functionality, and comfort. Add your own personal touches to liven up your living room and you will build the most relaxing ambience. Enjoy!

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