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18 Ideas On How To Use Neutral Colors In Your Living Room Decor

Neutral colors aren’t just old classics, they are timeless turned modern.

To help you erase the perception that a beige palette belongs in your grandparents’ house only, we bring you some home design ideas on how to use neutral colors in your living room decor. Embrace the summer with the perfect tranquil fusion of warm and cool!

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18 Ideas On How To Use Neutral Colors In Your Living Room Decor

A place of tranquility, add some wooden elements on your furniture as well as nature ones to create a balance.

18 Ideas On How To Use Neutral Colors In Your Living Room Decor

Fluffy rugs or blankets on a beige color scheme can really elevate a living room decor and make it modern.

18 Ideas On How To Use Neutral Colors In Your Living Room Decor

All white with a mix of wood, beige and dark neutrals are the perfect choice for a living room. A mirror as accessory on the wall can add space to a small living room.

Don’t forget to add a console or even a sideboard (if you’re going for a mid-century modern look) to bring more storage space for your living room decor.

Who said neutral colors were boring and old? Neutral colors on your living room can really make a space modern and timeless, bright and fresh.

Keep it simple with patterned pillows and touches of wood to bring personality into your living room decor.

Both the effortless look and the refined put together feel work marvelously with this trend. Match lighter shades with darker ones to bring modernity and classicism together.


How about brightening up the decor even more with touches of brighter colors like pink or yellow? Together with wooden elements, rugs and some plants, it’s the perfect partner of a beige or white color scheme.

When all else goes wrong, a white living room decor with a wooden floor and metallic floor lamp is the right way to go.

Darker colors alongside neutral bright ones bring a more modern look to the entire living room. Leather alongside metal and wood, as well as patterns on the decor, is simply perfect.

And we couldn’t not mention the great mesh of the creamy neutrals with modern elements such as marble. Adding a bar cart to your living room corner with polished brass will make it even more elegant.


If you stick with a white sofa and a wood center table along with a beige rug and armchair, then you’ve already got your perfect living room.

Step up a notch and make things interesting by bringing all kinds of patterns and bright colors to complement your beige, black and white scheme.

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18 Ideas On How To Use Neutral Colors In Your Living Room Decor  18 Ideas On How To Use Neutral Colors In Your Living Room Decor

It’s simple. Get your neutral colors in your living room to bring elegance and sophistication with a sense of refinement, peace and tranquility.

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