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Japandi Interior Design is the New Big Trend

Japandi interior design is a hybrid between Japanese and Scandinavian styles

Scandinavian and Japanese styles are very down-to-earth, minimalistic design trends that people have been following more and more. Of course, as good as they are, new interior design trends are always popping up. Japandi is quite an intriguing one as it is the fusion between Scandinavian and Japanese styles. Read on to find out more about Japandi interior design.

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Japandi Interior Design is the New Big Trend
Image: Powda Constructions

A new take on minimalism, Japandi comes from two already well-established minimalist design trends: Scandinavian style and Japanese style. Intrigued? We understand! But sometimes two styles are better than one and Japandi definitely proves that.


The word Japandi is a fusion of the words Japanese and Scandinavian and serves as the name for this emerging style that blends both styles together. This hybrid aesthetic combines the modern-rustic vibe of Scandinavian with the clean, traditional elegance of Japanese. This means that the style overall is very clean but at the same time quite warm and cozy.

Japandi Interior Design is the New Big Trend
Image: Studio Revolution

However, more than just a style, it is also a philosophy, taking aspects of the Japanese wabi-sabi, which finds perfection in imperfection. This is translated into the beauty of craftsmanship and of traditional decor, of raw materials and simple and natural elements.

Though they come from different sides of the globe, they share similar principles. Both are exercises in minimalism and emphasize the importance of creating functional spaces defined by a handful of statement pieces.

Japandi Interior Design is the New Big Trend

It’s their differences that help make this mash-up interesting. On the one hand, while Japanese spaces can get overly sleek, the rustic details in Nordic design add variance. On the other hand, if Scandinavian interiors have a tendency to be so neutral, the richer colors of Japanese design give the ambience more warmth.

Japandi Interior Design is the New Big Trend
Image: Scandinavian Homes

There are various ways to do Japandi, but we believe two of them to be essential if you wish to be true to the style. As you may imagine, these involve mixing both original styles. For instance, when it comes to colors you should pick contrasting hues, as Scandinavian style is characterized by light neutral colors in contrast with the richer tones of Japanese style. You can also combine different furniture styles, picking up on the woody, almost rustic nature of Scandinavian style and the more refined lines of Japanese style.

Japandi Interior Design is the New Big Trend
Image: Scandinavian Homes

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