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Living Room Ideas Header

Living Room Decor Tips You Never Heard About Before!

Discover new and exciting living room decor tips you will definitely need in 2022!

Some people say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but the living room is no less important. With stress as a defining feature of modern life, we have begun to place a higher value on our living rooms’ role as the center of it. Here are some incredible living room decor tips you probably never heard of but you’ll definitely appreciate!

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A New Vision On Gallery Wall

Living Room Decor Tips You Never Heard About Before!_1

It’s about time to break free from the must-have gallery wall trend. You don’t need to completely give it up but a little revamp never hurt anyone. Our tip? Go for a picture ledge on the wall and place your favorite art or pictures there, a new twist on the gallery wall trend.


Adding Architectural Details

Living Room Decor Tips You Never Heard About Before!_2

Why not add some texture into your home, unique details, through architectural changes? No, you don’t have to change the entire layout of your home. All you need is to add some wall details that will make it stand out, such as in the example above.

Texture. Texture. Texture

Living Room Decor Tips You Never Heard About Before!_3

We can’t simple not mention the fact that texture is one of the most important factors when decorating your living room. It’s one of the simpliest tips we have for you and you can easily add it in a velvet sofa that will look amazing amongst brass or marble pieces.


Don’t Seek Perfection

Living Room Decor Tips You Never Heard About Before!_4

This might be an obvious one but, avoid seeking perfection. First, it will only make design your room even more stressful, as you will feel like nothing is right. Second, when a space feels too designed, then it isn’t homely. To find balance between the overdone and the underdone, subscribing to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi of perfect imperfection might be the path to follow.

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