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Living Room Ideas Header

Find Out the Secrets for a Well-Lit Living Room

Today we bring you some living room design tips on lighting because we’re sure that at some point in your life you have entered a living room with weak light. When light is used the right way, your living room is guaranteed to look its best: relaxed, cozy and embedded in the ambiance.

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So, let’s learn some lighting secrets that will surely give a whole new life to your dimmed living room!

Fixtures and bulbs are great options to create an inviting environment, but be careful: do not put together an overly bright environment!

“You don’t want guests in your home to feel like they’re waiting in a hospital emergency room,” says interior designer Andrew Galuppi.

living room ideas well-lit room

living room ideas well-lit room

This DelightFULL copper pendant is a unique light fixture that will work wonders during the night time.

A common misconception is that you need to light the whole room. Why don’t you try, for a change, to incorporate multiple points of light in your interior design? The best lighting in a room occurs when different spots of light are mixed together. Also, picking the right lampshade can make all the difference.

living room ideas well-lit room

A great example of different light sources of two contemporary lighting fixtures. Here: Vellum contemporary floor lamp and the Amik contemporary table lamp, both by Brabbu.

Dimmers are essential. “They allow for flexibility depending on the time of day, event, or mood, and they’re a great energy saver,” says Rockwell.

Dimmers reduce energy consumption and increase bulb life!


The light should be totally different depending on the purpose of the space.
In living rooms, use a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, and down-lights (recessed or track lighting). “Here the lighting should be part of the decor,” says Galuppi.

living room ideas well-lit room


Fluorescent tubes should be avoided at all costs. They give a strange sensation in a room and everything looks off. Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) on the contrary are a great option. However, nowadays, the best lighting options are always connected with screw-in LEDs, which have the longest life and can save you the most money.

living room ideas well-lit room

In this case, the Apache contemporary table lamp by Brabbu illuminates the decorating items on the table.

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