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Living Room Inspiration: Emerald Green and Earthy Tones

Get your own oasis of piece with a modern living room decor

Living room inspiration can be gathered all around us and mother nature couldn’t be left behind as it’s one of the biggest influences of design.

Searching for the feelings we get when surrounded by natural elements, we now show you how to get that warm and inviting environment with emerald green and earthy tones.

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As I said before, living room inspiration can be found everywhere, and no better place to get your chakras lined up and gather lights on the interior design you’re looking for than in Earth’s present for us, nature.

With nature as inspiration, you can play with emerald green and earthy color to create the perfect environment that will provide you with a nature-friendly atmosphere.

Living Room Inspiration: Emerald Green and Earthy TonesWhen sorrounded by these greenish and earthy colors we get so many feelings of warmth, calmness and beauty that makes us feel good for being alive and relaxed, something we very much need nowadays, as stress fulfills our lives.

This said, for this living room inspiration, we show you how to get a peaceful atmosphere for your home, promoting sophistication and luxury as well.

Living Room Inspiration: Emerald Green and Earthy TonesLiving Room Inspiration: Emerald Green and Earthy TonesWith emerald green, there is much you can do. This is a color of grouth, renewal and prosperity that will fill your house with harmony and elegance.

This radiant color is a great choice when choosing your modern living room decor as it represent beauty and new life in many culturs and religions. So what better color to give “new life” to your living room?

The images above give a perfect exemple of how to play with the color, as you can use it by adding a few key pieces of furniture, like a mid-century sofa or a mid-century armchair, that will stand out in your interior design and make it more interesting.

Editor’s Choice

Living Room Inspiration: Emerald Green and Earthy Tones

Get your own mid-century twist with Hudson Armchair, for a zen moment in your living room.

Living Room Inspiration: Emerald Green and Earthy TonesTo complete all these feelings attatched to emerald green, and continuing with nature’s living room inspiration, earthy tones.

Muted and flat, earthy tones portray calmness and reassurence, essentials for a welcoming outcome of stability as these warm colors are associated with rich and fertile forests, contrasting with the lush of emerald green perfectly!

Living Room Inspiration: Emerald Green and Earthy TonesWhen you are playing with colors, you need to be carefull with the pieces you’ll consolidade the look you’re going for, as it may become too much.

Industrial style furniture will add a clean and sleek look to your living room, which is much appreciated, and can be used in anything from chairs to home accessories. The great thing about this style is that it can be pared up with almost every style of furniture due to its minimal style, providing solidity to your interior design.

Living Room Inspiration: Emerald Green and Earthy TonesSo get comfy with wood, steel and even a trace of steampunk and get your own oasis of peace right in your living room!

These were all the living room inspiration for today, we hope you can find it useful and gathered all the inspiration you needed to start!

Make sure to share with us, in the comments bellow, if you’re planning to use these colors in your next project or if you already did, how was the outcome. We’d love to hear it!

Photo © Doube AyeBehance

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