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A Norwegian Home In Dark Shades Is Both Trendy And Inviting!

This Norwegian home we will show you will blow you away! It welcomes you to a coziness evening with candles and books or deep conversation, or give you a wonderful lightening afternoon, where you just can sit and relax.

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A Norwegian Home In Dark Shades Is Both Trendy And Inviting!

Only because it is dark it does not mean that it feels depressive- what a miserable misunderstanding. We will show you how you can make it right,  with a wonderful and inspiring living room example.

Scandinavian style is often defined to countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. In some cases, you get the feeling the whole world is obsessed with this style, and the style gives many reasons for it! Really no style seems to have the same power. Maybe because of all the positive things it comes with?

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Burton Rug

Characteristics of Scandinavian style

The style we are talking about gives a very focus clean, simple line impression, it is minimalism and functionality without sacrificing beauty and value. Often it has a deep connection with nature and spending time outside. To have this connection even indoor, the Scandinavian style reflects a lot of nature details. In our living room example, you can see it in the plants which you see in many corners or at the table, which is made of marble.


Let us get a closer look at this wonderful living room

This living room is the perfect example for all the people who are thinking that Scandinavian style must have a white and light look. It is definitely not true. To create a darker but even light room with this style is really not that hard.

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Florence Stool

The dark walls have a very luxurious look. They looking impressive and elegant at the same time and with all the Scandinavian decor it is getting at the same time light and calm appearance. This example really shows us how good compensation works.

One more positive fact of Scandinavian style is that it really conforms with mixing a different kind of furniture. From elegant contemporary classics to new Nordic design or occasional some Ikea pieces- at all events, it will be a smart yet homely feel.

Typically for the style is to create a very neutral look. When you want to mix color in it, no problem: the often used shades here are blush and gray-blue according to Life in Norway. But also warm tan tones you can see quite often, for example in all the nature interior pieces..

A Norwegian Home In Dark Shades Is Both Trendy And Inviting!

But like we already talked about how special this living room is, it makes a step into the not usual but also great area of Scandinavian style. Like you see, nearly everything is color tuned to each other, just in dark with the contrast of plain white. The rug which creates some exciting with its different pattern is also a good idea, it lightens up the dark walls and gets some playful details in the area.

All in all a super fitted Norwegian home where you can feel really home!

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Dandridge Armchair

written by Lena Meißner

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