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Middle Eastern DIY Home Décor Ideas!

Are you passionate about middle eastern décor but you don’t know how to style your house accordingly? In this article, you’ll find amazing DIY home décor ideas!

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Middle Eastern home décor is known by its rich colors, luxurious furniture and (of course) some spetacular handmade elements and traditional decoration patterns. Middle Eastern interior design brings together luxury, confort and some kind of mistery of ancient times, which reflects the richness of its cultures.



Let’s start by choosing the right colors to décor your living room. Colors such as red, gold, green, brown or shades of blue to give your home a luxurious and traditional Middle Eastern vibe. 

Middle Eastern DIY Home Décor Ideas!
Middle Eastern DIY Home Décor Ideas!

Another important aspect of middle eastern culture is definitely the various patterns you can encounter in every house. It’s not that hard to paint your walls with such amazing patterns if you put some effort into it, it’s a DIY amazing home décor idea, which will completely transform the look of your house.

Middle Eastern DIY Home Décor Ideas!

You can also complement your living room, using middle eastern patterns in your pillows and place it in the couch. It not only gives some color and soul to your living room but also ends up being really confortable.

Middle Eastern DIY Home Décor Ideas!
Middle Eastern DIY Home Décor Ideas!
Middle Eastern DIY Home Décor Ideas!

In many countries of Middle East region, silver and golden colors are combined with velvet and chiffon, creating beautiful interior designs as you may have noticed already. In those designs the golden and silver colors appear specially in furniture or chandeliers, which are another characteristic of Middle Eastern home décor, which help to add the luxurious vibe.

The Middle Eastern style invites you to embrace the bold and extravagant. Besides the colors, the geometric patterns, the chandeliers, you can also get creative in the décor. Some decorative and colorfull bowls in the wall, why not?

Featuring a rug with some arabic patterns to place in your living room is a wonderfull idea to give a majestic vibe to your home décor.

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