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Living Room Ideas Header

5 Open Concept Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

Today we bring you some of the best open concept living room designs for you to get inspired and help you plan your dream house.

Open concept floor plans are a somewhat recent reality in home design, but we’ve been loving it from the start! Back to a time when homes were built with the notion that every room had its unique purpose, someone thought that not only would they save space by designing open floor plans, but it would much easily accommodate people’s changing needs.

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Nowadays architecture and interior design are heavily influenced by cultural norms and a desire for convenience, because, let’s be honest, everyone needs to be able to multitask these days.

So we went looking for some of the most stylish and diverse open concept living rooms. And we selected five different ideas, to make sure you could find the inspiration that would fit best your living room! How cool are we, right?

Let’s check what we came up with!

5 Open Concept Living Room Ideas You’ll LovePhoto ©: HGTV

It’s time to tear down that wall that’s been separating your kitchen from your living area for way too long! And look how amazing your open floor living room would look in this precious turquoise and beige color scheme.

5 Open Concept Living Room Ideas You’ll LovePhoto ©: INT2 Architecture

This mid-century open concept living room is just to die for! Imagine what it would be like having a nice Winter family lunch with the cozy crackling fire sounds coming from the fireplace…

5 Open Concept Living Room Ideas You’ll LovePhoto ©: P2 Design

One of the best ways to design an open floor plan efficiently is to use certain key pieces to define the different areas. And we can see how great that works out in this design, with a beautiful beige rug and a trendy white sofa separating the living room from the dining and kitchen areas.

5 Open Concept Living Room Ideas You’ll LovePhoto ©: Shmidt Studio

If you live in a smaller flat, you might want to consider this outstanding idea by Shmidt Studio. Super modern, elegant and ready to multitask!

5 Open Concept Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

Photo ©: Kelly Hoppen Interiors

Finally, if you have more space in your apartment than you know what to do with it, how about arrange it into a spacious, luxurious living and dining area? Interior designer Kelly Hoppen made this amazing design happen, and look how great it looks!

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