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Secrets from Portugal: Where You’ll Find the Next Best Thing

For the past three years, CovetED Magazine has been publishing some of the best and most exclusive content on the luxury world and the best experiences all over the world.

From great restaurants to breathtaking interior design projects by famous interior designs and architects, and some of the best hotels and resorts in the world, we have seen it all in CovetED. However, the luxury style-driven magazine has just unveiled their new magazine where everything is about the most western point in Europe… Secrets from Portugal.

Scroll down to know all about this new magazine.

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Secrets from Portugal Where You'll Find the Next Best Thing_1


You have surely heard about the first edition of Covet Group’s Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit, as we talked about it here a few weeks ago. And it was during this summit for the celebration of design and craftsmanship that the first issue of CovetED’s new collector’s edition was introduced to the world.

Secrets from Portugal, as it was properly named, is a new magazine where you will find the latest news on the world of design, luxury, craftsmanship, restaurants, hotels, gastronomy and the overall finest places you can find in Portugal.

Secrets from Portugal Where You'll Find the Next Best Thing_4Secrets from Portugal Where You'll Find the Next Best Thing_4Secrets from Portugal promises to unveil the 150 best kept secrets of this sunny country as you browse through all the pages. You can expect to be taken to a new and exciting place at every turn and learn all the cultural secrets you might want to know about Portugal. Luxury hotels in Portugal? Check. Luxury resorts in Portugal? Check again!

Another theme that was brought into Secrets from Portugal was the luxury and craftsmanship heritage that is still alive and being honored to this day. Wherever you travel in Portugal, you will find master artisans that keep on perfecting their techniques and producing one of a kind furniture, lighting, home accessories, and many others.

Secrets from Portugal Where You'll Find the Next Best Thing_4
Secrets from Portugal Where You'll Find the Next Best Thing_4Download Secrets from Portugal today to know what you are missing out on!

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