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Tik-Tok Here Are Lighting Pieces For Black Friday

DelightFULL has some news in-store for Black Friday!

This Friday, DelightFULL is investing all of their time and effort into giving you the best Black Friday deals available. You know that one piece that you always wanted? Good news, it will most likely have a pretty sweet discount that will spice your living room.

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DelightFULL’s elite, Coltrane pendant lamp is one of DelightFULL’s best sellers, alongside the rest of the Coltrane collection. A perfect blend between minimalism and industrial, a piece of mid-century contemporary that can easily be part of anyone’s list.

Coltrane suspension is now one of DelightFULL’s most unique and trademark lighting pieces. Always a highlight at any event or fair that DelightFULL attends, and in your online cart on Black Friday.


black friday

Inspired by the great Duke Ellington, this mid-century floor lamp is part of one of DelightFULL’s most notorious collection, the Duke collection. Known for their Industrial influence and their impact on the mid-century contemporary design standard.

Duke floor lamp is a lighting piece that brings a mid-century vibe to any room it is placed. This mid-century modern inspired floor lamp is a perfect addition to any living room or bedroom looking for a piece that brings that mid-century style atmosphere.

The Hanna collection pays homage to Roland Hanna, a famous American jazz pianist, and composer. Known for their strong influence from mid-century modern décor, this collection features some of DelightFULL’s most elegant and intricate designs.

The Hannah ceiling lamp features five handmade brass lamps that are all customizable. With each lampshade being able to be adjusted to fit your stylistic design and cover a wide range area, or to focus on a specific area.

black friday

A marriage between Northern design philosophies and southern taste, Ike floor lamp is the best of both worlds. Ike floor lamp has an-all brass body paired with a mix between an all-brass and all-aluminum shade, with an all-customizable build.

Ike collection features some of DelightFULL’s most prestigious and minimalist designs. A staple for any Scandinavian and Industrial home that is looking for a living room floor lighting piece.

black friday

Inspired by the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, Neil is a DelightFULL piece that captures the essence of space and human kind’s attempts at discovering the rest of the universe. A perfect piece to add to your Black Friday wishlist.

Neil is a floor lamp that features a fascinating and intricate design, with lampshades that resemble small planets, the whole design of Neil is revolved around the space theme.

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