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Sitting Down with Viraltag: All About The Social Media Tool

Just like yourself, Living Room Ideas is a design lover that is always looking for inspiration and novelties around all social media accounts. That’s why we decided to ask some questions about this tool, to Viraltag itself. So, keep scrolling to find out all about Viraltag!


1. What was your inspiration to create Viraltag?
Viraltag (VT) : Visual content was growing and performing the best across social channels. Between 2011 and 2012, there was a 4,225% increase in the time users spent on Pinterest online sharing visual content. That being said, there weren’t enough tools to schedule posts on Instagram, Pinterest and Visual posts on FB, Twitter etc. Moreover, these tools were heavily focused on text/link posts and did not have the required functionality for visual marketers. This is when the idea to create Viraltag was born.

Sitting Down with All About The Social Media Tool

2. What do you consider to be the most outstanding features of this App?
VT: Here are some features that distinguish us from the myriad of social tools already out there:

  1. Viraltag is built for sharing Visuals. Features like our multi-image uploader, in-built image editor, canva integration, and visual calendar are great for any business looking to grow their brand.
  2. Strong Collaboration capabilities. Team members can build a social media plan, add draft posts and discuss on the drafts to improve quality of posts together.
  3. You can save a ton of time with our Post recycling feature. Viraltag automatically posts your Evergreen content as per a pre-defined schedule saving hours each week and helps increase traffic to your old posts by over 200%..

Sitting Down with ViralTag: All About The Social Media Tool

3. In a world where everybody lives online, how do you consider that Viral Tag is indeed the tool for corporate marketing solutions?
VT: Social media marketing is a key aspect of any marketing strategy. Over time, almost all businesses are coming to a realization that an online presence is a MUST to drive traffic and boost revenue. Viraltag helps you save more than 60% of the time spent on social media every week, allows you to create & curate content, recycle content and collaborate with your team to plan social media as well. It’s a great tool to improve SMM efficiency.

Sitting Down with ViralTag: All About The Social Media Tool

4. What’s your mission and main goal to achieve an outstanding number of new users?
VT: We have always believed in Customer-centric marketing. So the key growth strategy we implemented was building a product that people actually wanted. After we did that, to increase the number of new customers we put the right systems in place i.e. monitoring our traffic and engaging with our customers via live-chat, product demos and Thursday webinar sessions.

Sitting Down with ViralTag: All About The Social Media Tool

5. How many users does Viral Tag have? Is the feedback positive?
VT: After 3 years int this space we have over 10,000 businesses using Viraltag including Hearst Corporation, Conde Nast, H&M, Lacoste, AOL’s Style Me Pretty etc. The feedback we get from our users, obviously with a few exceptions is always positive. Our users love our easy-to-use UI and find our platform to be very intuitive.

Sitting Down with: All About The Social Media Tool

6. How do you think can you improve your features in order to improve your clients’ connections?
VT: We do our best to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the product and any problems/queries they have are tended to ASAP. With our online chat, it’s very easy to get in touch with our customers. Also, since our product is developed keeping our users in mind, we’re very adaptive. Any feature request made is noted down and we strive to implement them at the earliest. So bottom line is, when customers speak, we listen 🙂Sitting Down with ViralTag: All About The Social Media Tool

7. Why do you consider that Viraltag is a unique tool for marketers?

VT: Like mentioned before, Viraltag has a number of features that the other SMM tools out there lack. Like we focus on visual content and have a lot of features (In-app editing and creation of content) that complements this. Collaboration (A feature we just launched) is like Asana/Trello for social media. You can have real-time conversations with your team members and plan social media together. This particular feature is something new in the social media space and will save Social media marketers a lot of time and effort!


No matter which social network you use, Viraltag is the vehicle you need to advance to another step showing inspiring photos and stimulating videos in your web channels! Download it now! We will be waiting for your comments on your experience while using it.



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