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11 Ways To Work With Pink And Grey Living Room Ideas

From the palest pastels to the darkest slate plus pops of rose, fuschia and other horticultural hues, it’s possible to create any mood with a palette of grey and pink. Those considering pink and grey living room ideas have myriad ways to introduce these tones.


Of course, paint is just one way to introduce pink and grey to your living room. But there’s also fabric, furniture, flooring and wallpaper too so you’ve got plenty of options. Need some inspiration? Read on to see which style will best suit you and your home.

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01. Warm Up Cool Grey With Subtle Hints Of Pink

Future PLC/Joanna Henderson

Bear in mind when mixing colours in a scheme, it isn’t necessary to use them in equal amounts. So when looking for colours that go with grey, you aren’t limiting yourself. A soft grey scheme can be lifted by the slightest hint of pink, whether it’s a detail in your wallpaper or on an artwork or cushion print.

02. Have Fun With The Flooring

Future / Rachel Smith

Another way to introduce pink and grey to your living room is from the ground up. However, if you’re choosing colour and pattern for your flooring, make sure it is something you can live with long term. It’s far easier and less expensive to repaint your walls than it is to replace carpet.

03. Accent Pale Grey With Rose Accessories

Future PLC/David Brittain

Rose pink accessories such as a pretty blind, rug, pouffe and cushions, add instant warmth to a cool grey backdrop. Consider the light conditions in the room. Pink is perfect for warming up north facing rooms where soft pale shades with just a hint of apricot look amazing but cooler blush pinks can look a bit chilly. If you have plenty of good natural or warm LED artificial light, all pinks will work beautifully.


04. Choose A Grey With Hints Of Blue

Future PLC/Georgia Burns

Add depth to the grey in your living room scheme by choosing a shade with blue undertones. This provides an interesting contrast to warm pink and adds intensity to the space. The pink adds a pop of fun colour, which is a great alternative to blue and grey living room ideas.

05. Set The Tone With Wallpaper

Future / Domini Bradbury

Wallpaper is a wonderful way to bring a pink and grey palette into your living space. It’s an easier way to get a room to work too, as the mix of tones are already set in the print for you. All you need to do is pick out one or two pink tones to use as an accent colour across fabrics and furnishings.


06. Ground A Pretty Scheme With A Grey Trim

Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore

If you like the idea of soft powdery tones of pastel pink for your walls, ground them with an off-white or greyish trim around window frames and a grey striped rug on the floor. A mid toned, muted rose evokes a warm, comforting feel to any space, it’s an incredibly soft shade that is easy to live with. It will look richer and more vibrant in low level artificial light.

07. Add A Flash Of Fuschia To A Slate Grey Backdrop

Future / Dominic Blackmore

It’s tempting to only see pink and grey as soft and soothing, yet it can be bold and energy-boosting too. Greys are hugely versatile – from cool off-white shades, through warmer neutral mid-tones to the very deep and mysterious. Greys have more colour and texture within them than straight black living room ideas – a monochrome scheme of black and white is less forgiving than one with shades of slate and pink, which will change subtly with the light throughout the day, giving the room personality and character.

08. Pretty Things Up With Pattern

Future / Robert Sanderson

Choosing neutral grey walls gives you a base to build from with fabrics and furnishings. Select patterns with colours that complement or contrast with your walls and floors. Grey sofa living room ideas are also good to build your scheme around. Once you’ve chosen your colour palette, stick to this and layer it throughout the room to create balance.


09. Mix Plaster Pink With Charcoal For A Timeless Combo

Future PLC/Rachael Smith

Different tones of pink and grey can summon up different moods. Choose charcoal grey and dusky plaster pink for easy elegance. Warm pinks and soft greys are a perfect pairing. The soothing tones within plaster pink complement the sophisticated appearance of grey, overall creating a timeless combination. To elevate the look further, incorporate deeper tones of grey through soft furnishing or artwork.

10. Add Interest With Plush Pops Of Pink

Future PLC/David Giles

Pink doesn’t have to look sugary and sweet, it can look smart and sophisticated too, especially when introduced sparingly through plush fabrics such as velvet upholstery. This makes it a winning combo for modern living room ideas if you prefer a contemporary look.

11. Paint The Ceiling Pink

Interior Fox

Instead of painting your ceiling a bog standard white, paint it in the same pink as your walls  instead. Do your homework on how to paint a ceiling first, and then you’re good to go! Pink is a surprisingly versatile shade and can work well as an alternative to traditional neutral colours. Before selecting your palette, it is important to choose the correct pink for your scheme.

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