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8 of Our Favorite Scandinavian Design Trends

Scandinavian design never gets old!

Scandinavian design is the right choice for you if you find beauty in simplicity. This aesthetic embodies a sense of minimalism and functionality. Read on to find out 8 of our favorite Scandinavian design trends!

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8 of Our Favorite Scandinavian Design Trends

1 – Mid-century modern furniture

Out of all the furniture styles on the market, mid-century modern designs are most common for Scandinavian-style homes. Their simple, clean lines and natural hues are ideal for those who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic.

8 of Our Favorite Scandinavian Design Trends

2 – Minimal window treatments

Scandinavian design calls for minimal window treatments that allow light to pour into a space. Neutral, simple designs are best for this aesthetic. You can’t go wrong with understated curtains in a gray hue – the perfect finishing touch for a Scandinavian-inspired design scheme.

8 of Our Favorite Scandinavian Design Trends

3 – Storage as decor

Because of the functionality aspect of Scandinavian design, using storage pieces that double as stylish decor is a no-brainer. From storage racks to kitchen organizers, virtually every facet of your home can be Scandinavian-level chic.

8 of Our Favorite Scandinavian Design Trends

4 – Warm and cozy textiles

Wool, mohair, and sheepskin throws are some of the few accent pieces that bring texture in the home while abiding to the Scandinavian aesthetic. Opt for shades of gray, like Charcoal, natural textures, like burlap or jute, or muted hues, like a pale purple with gray undertones, when picking blankets or throws.

8 of Our Favorite Scandinavian Design Trends

5 – Large house plants

Scandinavian design doesn’t involve a whole lot of color, though if you’re looking to brighten up a space without sacrificing the Scandinavian style, plants can do just the trick. They bring an earthy, arboreal element to the already natural look, while adding a statement pop of color without feeling too in your face.

8 of Our Favorite Scandinavian Design Trends

6 – Bold blue accents

Scandinavia’s favorite accent color? Clearly, it’s blue – a bright blue that stands out brilliantly against all-white interiors, like in this colorful 1920’s Copenhagen home belonging to industrial designer Josefine Bentzen. If you’re looking to give your Scandinavian monochrome palette an easy pop of color, this is a go-to shade.

8 of Our Favorite Scandinavian Design Trends

7 – Worn leather

We’re seeing a major transition to worn leather pieces in Nordic interiors, as they’re rustic without looking too antique. We’re thinking this might be a Swedish play on the current American mid-century modern obsession.

8 of Our Favorite Scandinavian Design Trends

8 – Light wood slats and flooring

Traditional Scandinavian style values bright, airy spaces, making light wood floors the perfect pick. In addition to wood on floors, the style also favors wood accents and finishes. There’s something very serene about slatted walls, like you’re hiding away in a cabin or about to spend the most relaxing hour in the sauna.

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