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The Best Living Room Decor Inspirations Of All Time

Designing a living room have unlimited choices. Not really a aspect which it makes more easy. With Living Room Decor Inspiration everybody is able to impress thereselfs in a very unique way. But how are you able to know what impress you the best way? To take your human being and all day inspiration and put it in the art of decorating so that you feel comfortable with your surrounding is a huge task.

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The Best Living Room Decor Inspirations Of All Time

You must have a overview of a lot of little different aspects and must know which pieces should get some extra attention to create a harmonic and completed living room for yourself- let us have help of the gurus of the interior design area! We did some researches for you!  Some supporter who can help you with big ideas are one of the best interior designers.

The Best Living Room Decor Inspirations Of All Time

Nate Berkus, the American television presenter and author of book ‘Home Rules: Transform the Place You Live’, and his partner, the interior architect Jeremiah Brent, designed a collection of sofas, sectionals, upholstered chairs and accessories. On the top you see some examples of the collection. The simple elegance and the calm which radiates these composition appeals to a large audience. It has a quiet base with the use of cream colors and with some exciting pieces with geometric shapes and velvet pieces. The couple are using their own inspiration from journeys and favorite items, so many influences are included in their collection.

Editors Choice


The Best Living Room Decor Inspirations Of All Time

Let us introduce the living room design by Ryan Korban. He is designing his interior design matching to the personal character and passions of his clients, it is very important for him to satisfy the senses of the customer. His Design is balancing between refinment and redefining of traditional Design.

This living room shows us, that he had a clear vision. Everything is rather keep up in natural tones, one clear idea shown with selected material. One important additional point is to keep a look on the comfortability, the most beauty living room is nothing without comfort!


 You need one clear vision, what should your living room design express, what are your requirements of it. Maybe this first mind reflection will takes some time, but it’s worth the trouble! Take your time- One idea could be to create your living room in one design with a specific direction. But also you are able to do the converse. Mixing very strong colors with each other, or having a picture in your head of a really strong idea to express yourself- use it!

The Best Living Room Decor Inspirations Of All Time

It is all about your goal setting. Exceptional lamps in a room can make a hole scenery. You have so many options to position them. There are so many differences between big and gigantic, small and extravagant or only a really simple one. When you are more a cozy person, it is recommended that you should may choose more of smaller lamp ones, so you get a very homely feeling from them, maybe you decorate them in some corners, so the room appear some more snugness of it. Or you want to express your own eccentric with it, so you will use one big unique lamp, which shows with it bright and unguarded lighting and design a bit more of your person. There are so many crazy lamps out there, for everybody should exist the perfect lighting . As an example: The Ivete Floor Lamp of Essential Home has a tropical looking and shaped as a palm tree.

Editor’s Choice

The Best Living Room Decor Inspirations Of All Time


Even a seemingly harmless rug in a living room decor must well thought through. Here the rug ‘ Tidal Moonlight’ by David Rockwell is very meaningful. It is inspired in the sunlight’s shimmering reflection of a bay, showed in different grey colours mixed up with some irregular golden stains.  Color, structure and pattern are very haunting aspects. They are able to fill the hole room in a specific atmosphere and giving it certain depth and coziness.

The Best Living Room Decor Inspirations Of All Time

Put well thoughts and time in your living room interior design. And maybe you bring to bear some of the useful aspects to come closer to your dream living room. You can be a living room guru, too!

written by Lena Meißner

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