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Embrace The Magic Of Dark Living Rooms

A Dark living room- first of all: Don’t be afraid! Instead of being afraid welcome smoky and dramatic hues to highlight your real cozy, elegant and intensive room! You think when you have a little living room without much light, the best you can do is to create a bright white surrounding- oops, a very famous mistake: Because white color can only lighten a room if there is enough daylight. However, painting everything in dark tones – including the ceilings – helps to create a space of depth and character.

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Take a chance to change, risk a little bit, and you will be not disappointed. Moody, dramatic shades can create a brooding sense of intrigue and luxe sophistication,  so not surprising that the trend is still very popular in 2019 as well! We help you by creating this mysterious, intensive look, with some helpful advices.

Better safe than sorry!

embrace the magic of dark living rooms

Blue Blue Blue

Blue walls have a dramatic space effect. With the right mixing hand of different shades of blue, you will get a very elegant look. At the top, you should add some contrasty wall-accessories, works of art, different kind of frames or any sort of wall decoration. With this, you give an exciting withdrawal to the room and the accessories get some extra attention because of the dark surrounding- they highlight the room.

embrace the magic of dark living rooms

Grey does not always simultaneously signify boredom

Grey is famous for being boring, but definitely not in the interior area.  Quite the contrary- it can be very elegant! Besides all of their nuances, the pure grey acts very smooth, factually discreet and of course some extra positive fact: you can mix the grey basic with nearly every other color. So you are free to let your preferences guide you, no matter what. For this interior decoration, good advice is to add some warm accents, like honey-colored leather, wood, or plants.

embrace the magic of dark living rooms

Apropos nature materials. To go back to nature is always a good idea. Dark Green walls and a number of plants liven up the ambiance. The bottle green in this living room acts very elegantly, because of its add up with the gentle colors, like the light rose, and the golden accessories. The plants harmonize with the wall color and are like that a very important part to get a harmonious ensemble and agile room atmosphere.

Editors Choice

embrace the magic of dark living rooms

Monroe Armchair

Light games & strong companions

When the whole room is designed with one color family it’s a very calm room feeling. Play with some brass, silver or golden elements on the dark underground, with it you create a directly stylish-chic atmosphere.  Shimmering surfaces, like velvet and Light games with mirrors, for example, are the best way to get a strong deep effect.

embrace the magic of dark living rooms

Everybody needs someone, and it is the same in interior decoration. With a strong companion everything is better, and in this case much more pretty! Here you should find a fitting color partner to your dark living room. From natural shades to gaudy ones, everything which gives strong contrast and is a looker is allowed.

Editors Choice

embrace the magic of dark living rooms

Diamond Big Mirror

written by Lena Meißner

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