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Best Home Theatre Ideas To Stay Inside!

Have you ever thought about creating a home theatre in your own house? Get started right away with our help!

In the current situation, when we’re recommended to stay home, it’s very easy to get bored quickly. We can give our house a total makeover, declutter our wardrobe, try out a new recipe, work on our gardening skills, … But eventually, we’ll run out of things to do. Doing absolutely nothing, especially since we’re under a lot of pressure to be productive, is completely valid. Snuggling up on the sofa with a comfy blanket and our loved ones sounds even better when you have an amazing home theatre in your space!

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A home theatre is a perfect opportunity to distract your mind from the world right now. It’s very easy to put together and it’ll allow you to escape your reality through many others! And what exactly is a home theatre, you might ask? Just like the expression implies, it’s a theatre experience in the comfort of your own house. Depending on the effort you put into it and the equipment you have available, it’s totally possible to create the perfect space. And we’ll help you with that!

Best Home Theatre Ideas To Stay Inside

It gets as simple as the following: in order to create a home theatre, you only need a place to watch the movies. It usually is a TV, and preferably should be, but it could also be a laptop (even though you can also connect it to the TV). If you want a big home theatre setting, maybe try getting a projector – it’ll be a totally different experience!

After that, it’s time to choose the location. You could place your home theatre in a new and empty room, if you have it available, and start decorating it from scratch. Or you could slightly adapt your living room to best fit your needs!

Best Home Theatre Ideas To Stay Inside

Once you have that settled, it’s time to start decorating! Obviously, you want to take into consideration the dimensions of the space you have available and, of course, if you’re doing it in your already existing living room, you need to think about the colours and decor already there.

The seating is very important! You could play around and get some smaller armchairs to put in the whole room, but that’s not mandatory. However, a big sofa is a must in your home theatre setting. It should fit all your family and loved ones who have been staying home with you (and later, your guests) and allow you to sit or lay down comfortably.


Best Home Theatre Ideas To Stay Inside

Essential Home‘s Florence Stool is a small, fun and practical idea to add to your home theatre. Easy to move around, it will be a nice touch of sophistication in your space, and will provide a soft and comfortable seat for any late guest.


Best Home Theatre Ideas To Stay Inside

The Marco Sofa by Essential Home brings all the elegance of the mid-century era alongside the sophistication of modern techniques and stunning, high-quality materials. Its unique design will stand out in your home theatre and bring it to a whole other level! We are absolutely sure your whole family will love it!

Don’t forget to have some pillows and blankets nearby! They’ll make the setting look even softer!

Best Home Theatre Ideas To Stay Inside

Whoever is in charge of snacks, must make sure there is plenty to go around! Whether you like your popcorn sweet or salty, or you’re more the chocolate kind, you’ll want plenty to eat, especially when the movie really gets good! For that, you’ll also need somewhere to place them, such as a centre or side table, which will be the next addition to your home theatre.


Best Home Theatre Ideas To Stay Inside

Essential Home‘s Lautner Center Table will be the perfect addition to your home theatre setting. This high-quality piece will provide you with plenty of space to place your snacks, the TV remote and also your laptop or projector if needed. It’s a lovely piece that stands out for its round edges (children-friendly), mixing earth-tone colours from the varnished walnut.

Best Home Theatre Ideas To Stay Inside

Finally, the lighting also plays an important part when creating your home theatre. When you’re in an actual theatre, everything is dark. However, since you’re home, you can play with the light as you wish. Our recommendation is that you place your home theatre in a room with a big window, so you can enjoy as much natural lighting as possible. To recreate a theatre lighting experience, wall lamps are the best!


Best Home Theatre Ideas To Stay Inside

DelightFULL‘s Galliano Wall Lamp is a special modern wall lamp with a minimalist style that will fit well in any room of your choice, especially in your home theatre. It produces a unique lighting effect when you see the light through its pipes, elevating your theatre experience.

With our recommendations, we’re sure your home theatre will look amazing and will quickly become your favourite room in the house! Staying inside will become much easier!

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