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Our Favorite Geometric Accessories For Your Living Room Decor

Living room decor has many faces, but today we want to focus on geometric accessories for your living room! What may be the real-life horror in school will hug you and ask for excuse, when you just have a look at these geometric accessories which are placed here in these rooms.. give it a chance!

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Geometric shapes are powerful and effective graphic elements, which are mostly that eye catcher because of their simplicity. Without knowing – they are blind passengers with so much influence in nearly every moment of our lives. These shapes are going back to the primitive signs and besides their clear shapes, they mediate also an emotional effect on us.

Circle, square and triangle are the most important ones, which also have the power to radiate positive and powerful values in your living room!

The Circle

Our Favorite Geometric Accessories For Your Living Room DecorThe Circle is the mother of all shapes, here all the other shapes found the beginning in. It is the perfect skeletal structure and comes directly from nature. Every life starts with a little round cell. Very simple. For the interior direction, it radiates kind of perfection, safety, and closeness. With little round elements like here the mirror, you will get an impression of freedom, infinity and a deep connection to nature. Not only in this fast moving live nowadays, every time it radiates the most important things, and is because of this, of course, one of the famous accessories in living rooms, where the main meaning is to relax and calm down.

Editors Choice

Our Favorite Geometric Accessories For Your Living Room Decor

Quantum Mirror

The  Triangle

We know the triangle very well. We see it nearly everywhere: prints on t-shirts, accessories in the shape of a triangle in every sort, rings, necklaces, bracelets and.. And also, of course, we find it a lot in the interior Design of nearly everyone!

Our Favorite Geometric Accessories For Your Living Room Decor

We can be sure in saying: Triangle is THE trend. And it is so variable, depends on how you use it. As a wallpaper decoration or just as a very stylish living room table;  we just love it!


The Diamond

Our Favorite Geometric Accessories For Your Living Room Decor

The diamond shape is dynamic but also unstable. This effect can be traced back to the fact that our experience taught us objects that stand on top can never remain stable for long. By this aspect, in turn, the diamond attracts a certain amount of attention. There are so many different styles of rugs out there with a variety of diamond pattern, we just love it, and it can give nearly every interior design a dynamic atmosphere. And if it is already on the ground, how should it fall over, heh? So no reason to be scared about this famous trend!

Editors Choice

Hitchcock Rug

Because of their clean, dynamic lines, geometric Icons are so popular and irresistible! They have the magic that you can use it for every living room and match it to every product you want to. This minimalistic style has for everybody a fitting shape!


written by Lena Meißner

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