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Get Your Memphis Design Inspired Living Room With Us!

Here’s the memphis design inspired living room you’ve been looking for!

Memphis design is making a comeback! With colorful design being the new trend, Memphis design came back into fashion, being used around the world in different projects by some of the top interior designers. Today, we get some inspiration from Masquespacio and their stunning colorful interior design projects to get you the memphis design inspired living room you’ve been craving for!

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Get Your Memphis Design Inspired Living Room With Us!_1 (1)

Memphis design is all about the patterns, the geometric figures of Art Deco, the color palette of Pop Art, and 1950s kitsch inspiration. It’s one of those styles that can easily be brought back in a more elegant and modern way, and that’s exactly why it’s making a return and craved in homes across the world. If you want to add this incredible interior design style into your living room, here’s some of our favorite furniture pieces that will help you achieve this stunning look:

Get Your Memphis Design Inspired Living Room With Us!_2 (1)

Some of the features of Memphis design you can easily incorporate into your living room decor are laminate and terrazzo materials, which were usually found on floors, were incorporated into tables and lamps, bright, multi-colored objects with a rejection of typical shapes, often, instead of chair legs being rectangular, they’d be circles or triangles, as well as patterns with different geometric lines and colors.

Here’s some furniture pieces to help you achieve this look!


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