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Living Room Color Trends: A Touch Of Yellow For Summer

This Summer, it’s time to bring the bright colors and the freshness of this season’s breeze. You’ll definitely need a home makeover for Summer and we’re ready to show you some of the best trends in the world of design right now. Today, we’re dropping a splash of yellow in your life! Come with us and discover these living room color trends!

Published on March 19th, 2020.

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Living Room Color Trends A Touch Of Yellow For Summer_1

“Yellow, the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness. Yellow stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy.”

It’s not simply because Summer is coming that we decided to bring you some yellow living room ideas. We’re bringing this color because of how welcoming it is, how bright and how incredible it looks used in accent walls or statement pieces. It’s not just a vibrant color for Summer, it’s to be used year-round.

Living Room Color Trends A Touch Of Yellow For Summer_2

Bohemian is probably one of the styles that uses this color the most, along with some other vibrant colors that bring even more personality into your living room. And why wouldn’t you want to follow this style’s footsteps? One of the most beloved styles for the Summer, and one that brings a sense of harmony with nature, yellow is the right color to bring into your home.

Living Room Color Trends A Touch Of Yellow For Summer_3

It’s a great color to combine with softer pastels, with different materials such as wood, velvet, brass, copper and even metal. Add a plant as your green nature element, a floor lamp with white metal, perhaps a soft blue accent wall, a fluffy rug and an upholstered yellow sofa or even a yellow velvet armchair.

Living Room Color Trends A Touch Of Yellow For Summer_4
EH Trends
Living Room Color Trends A Touch Of Yellow For Summer_5

Decorative pillows with patterns, abstract art, stripped rugs – it all comes together to bring even more personality into your living room and make sure this welcoming space you use to spend time with your family doesn’t become boring. It’s all about creating an harmonious chaos that will spike interess and a sense of homely coziness.

Living Room Color Trends A Touch Of Yellow For Summer_6

The Scandinavian style is simply perfect to use this color trend. Less is more sometimes, and in Scandinavian design that is even more true. All you need is a statement piece like a yellow couch and you just build it from there, mixing it up with wooden chairs, a simple patterned rug and white walls. You don’t need much else to let yellow slay in your home decor!

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