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Nicole Fuller Interiors: Best Design Firms in New York City

Discover the best design projects by Nicole Fuller Interiors!

New York is, together with London, Milan and Paris, one of the main capitals of design and fashion. The city has an incomparable vibrant and groundbreaking visual scene which dazzled, and still does, some of the most amazing interior designers on Earth. Design firms in New York are constantly being inspired by the city’s architecture and edginess. The Big Apple is a true paradise for those who love sophisticated and luxurious design!

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We bring you what we consider to be some of the best design firms in New York City. Today it’s legendary Nicole Fuller Interiors’ turn, a design firm which is responsible for elegant and creative interior projects.

Nicole Fuller Interiors Best Design Firms in New York City_1
Baccarat Hotel & Residences

The design firm was founded by Nicole Fuller, an award-winning interior designer with vast experience in art consultancy and curating. The designer has an unparalleled vision which is why that, over the years, she has been able to acquire a list of prestigious clients such as Gianvito Rossi, Zac Posen, and Usher. The New York based multi-faceted design firm specializes in luxury residential and commercial interior design projects both in the US and abroad.

Nicole Fuller Interiors Best Design Firms in New York City_2
60 East 13th
Nicole Fuller Interiors Best Design Firms in New York City_3
East Hampton

Nicole Fuller Interiors creates sophisticated environments tailored to every client’s individual need and wishes. Inspired by art and travels, the designer incorporates in her interior design projects a variety of elements such as texture, color and dimension, creating truly luxurious spaces that are made to be not only admired, but also lived and enjoyed. The design firm provides a variety of services from architectural design and construction (residential, commercial, hospitality, retail) to furniture and interior design. Nicole Fuller believes that art is a very important part of any interior project, and that both are in fact intertwined, which is why Nicole Fuller Interiors also provides services in art consulting.

Nicole Fuller Interiors Best Design Firms in New York City_4
Finn Jewelry

The design firm has been involved in many amazing commercial and residential design projects, all with unmatched sophistication and strong aesthetics. Some of Nicole Fuller’s best residential projects are: the 5th Avenue, the Baccarat Hotel & Residences, the East Hampton and the 60 East 13th.

Baccarat Hotel & Residences

The spaces have normally a neutral color palette which is accentuated by splashes of color and combination of different patterns. The harmonious combination of materials and textures is also elevated using bespoke furniture pieces and high-end furnishings. Nicole is a master of layered design, as she combines soft tones and high impact elements in a most unique way. The designer has a great eye for artwork, and she complements the interiors she creates with unique art pieces, adding to the space’s contemporality. The interiors she creates are true design inspirations!

Nicole Fuller Interiors Best Design Firms in New York City_6
5th Avenue

The design firm has also worked in commercial projects, including some staging projects as well, just to mention a few: the Finn Jewelry showroom, the Florence Fancy and the 17 East 12th.

Finn Jewelry
17 East 12th

Nicole Fuller Interiors is an incredibly versatile design firm, its expertise in combining unlikely elements is uncanny. Vintage meets contemporary, French-inspired elements meet industrial design features; Nicole Fuller Interiors master unexpected combinations.

17 East 12th
17 East 12th

The design firm creates interiors that are luxurious and sophisticated representations of Nicole’s incomparable dedication to refined and high-end design. Nicole Fuller Interiors is unquestionably a design inspiration maker and one of the best design firms in New York City!

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