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ÉLITIS Luxury Fabrics Were The Chosen For The Newest Designer’s Collections

ÉLITIS luxury fabrics are considered to be one of the best luxury fabrics company so it made sense that the new and inspiring mid-century collections by the best Italian designers would use their luxurious textures. Want to know why Studiopepe and Carlo Donati used these amazing luxury fabrics? Read more below!

Élitis luxury fabrics is usually the chosen one among the best interior designers and architects that have challenging design projects on their hands. Among the past few years, their unique collections were used to create some quite impressive projects across the world, and this brand new mid-century furniture collection for Essential Home isn’t an exception!

Carlo Donati Collection

It is only natural to assume that a designer’s collection is made with the finest high-quality materials there are in the industry, so we couldn’t expect less from Carlo Donati and Studiopepes newest designs.  That’s right, the Italian design legends who are famous for working alongside some of the fine craftsmanship industry worked with the incredible French showroomto create their new unique products with Essential Home

ÉLITIS Luxury Fabrics Were The Chosen For The Newest Designer's Collections_1
Image Credit: ÉLITIS

Created in 1988, this luxury design expert is a renowned French brand of wallpaper, decorative fabrics, and wall coverings that deserve all the prestige and recognition. Considered as one of the most coveted showrooms, ÉLITIS luxury fabrics want to inspire outstanding ideas across the world. Their bold and innovative designs are considered as explorers in the field of furnishing fabrics and wallcoverings, known to be more traditional until now.

ÉLITIS Luxury Fabrics Were The Chosen For The Newest Designer's Collections_2

The luxury design brand creates unique products and always have an edge on the latest techniques, so the ÉLITIS luxury fabrics were the perfect solution for Studiopepe and Carlo Donati‘s brand new mid-century furniture collection for Essential Home. If you want to steal the look of the designer’s collections, make sure you choose your fabric selection from one of these options.

Mid-Century Collection By Carlo Donati

ÉLITIS Luxury Fabrics Were The Chosen For The Newest Designer's Collections_3

The new mid-century modern collection by Carlo Donati and Essential Home combines the best of both worlds, or in this case, inspirations: great Italian architecture and design legends as well as a representation of Palm Springmid-century modern architecture and design culture. Discover here what the Italian best interior designers at his unique Instagram live!


ÉLITIS Luxury Fabrics Were The Chosen For The Newest Designer's Collections_4

These luxury fabrics selected by the renowned French brand is characterized by its unique soft texture. Along with generous neutral tones like grey, beige or hemp come more personal hues such as emerald, mustard, rust, gunmetal, do it can fit any interior design project in any style!

Sarnico – Farniente

ÉLITIS Luxury Fabrics Were The Chosen For The Newest Designer's Collections_5

Perfect for in or outdoor use, the incredible luxury fabrics selection pairs a resolutely technical fiber of astonishing performances, with perfectly natural looks. In a vintage spirit, geometrical patterns make friends with a new rich, linen-like, and handmade looking solid textile, which gave to Carlo Donati’s new collection a unique fun look!


ÉLITIS Luxury Fabrics Were The Chosen For The Newest Designer's Collections_6
Image Credit: ÉLITIS

The Palatine luxury fabrics selection was the perfect choice for Carlo Donati‘s incredible ideas. Made in Italy, this unique collection is available in about 40 colors and has a functional high-resistance texture to keep all of the furnishings great no matter the time. These noble fabrics by ÉLITIS provide a dense yet smooth touch, thanks to the lush softness of cotton and their generous density.

Studiopepe’s Newest Collection

ÉLITIS Luxury Fabrics Were The Chosen For The Newest Designer's Collections_7

From interior design projects to product design and creative consulting services for some of the best luxury design brands, the Studiopepe designers feature a unique signature style that captures the attention of any design lovers. Know that we know their incredible luxury fabrics choice, the expectations are high for their unique mid-century furniture collection!

Hotel Particulier

ÉLITIS Luxury Fabrics Were The Chosen For The Newest Designer's Collections_8
Image Source: ÉLITIS

The exclusive ÉLITIS luxury fabrics selection it’s for all of you rich velvet admirers! Its beauty lies in the lush density and the right pile of luminous velvet fabrics, which invite you to confidentiality in a homely yet luxurious atmosphere.


ÉLITIS Luxury Fabrics Were The Chosen For The Newest Designer's Collections_9
Image Source: ÉLITIS

The Nabab collection is one of ÉLITIS luxury fabrics‘ most famous selections. With a distinct repertoire of opulent and sophisticated materials, these unique products feature a metallic thread that enriches glamorous velvet and fancy chenille to guarantee stylish and enchanting seating.


ÉLITIS Luxury Fabrics Were The Chosen For The Newest Designer's Collections_10
Image Source: ÉLITIS

Baroque or minimalist, opera or rock, this velvet sets is one of the ÉLITIS luxury fabrics’ selection that plays the rhythm! This is a beautiful palette of deep colors for a solid velvet that is soft as silk, capable of giving your interior design the luxury touch it needs.


La Dolce Vitta: Discover Carlo Donati’s New & Exclusive Mid-Century Collection

Behind-The-Scenes To Studiopepe And Carlo Donati’s New Mid-Century Collections!

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