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Trend Alert: Indigo Blue Living Room Decor Is In!

Discover the hot Summer trend of 2019: indigo blue living room decor!

A must-try, fresh color that is a big trend this year will be Indigo Blue, with all its power and might. There phenomenal ways you can add this color into your home decor, one of them being adding Indigo Blue to your living room, and you’ll definitely find yourself in a world of fantasy and beauty. Discover this new trend with us and how to have your very own Indigo Blue living room decor!

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Trend Alert Indigo Blue Living Room Decor Is In!_1 (1)

Indigo Blue is a powerful color that calls to the deepest, most electric, side of interior design. Used with neutrals such as black and white, it’s a color that stands out, pops, amidst other trends. During this Summer of 2019, Indigo Blue will be the hit color you won’t be able to stop thinking of.

Trend Alert_ Indigo Blue Living Room Decor Is In!_2

Indigo Blue is an easy color to translate into piercing interior designs, especially when you have a deep and statement room. An Indigo Blue living room with velvet and patterns in neutral stripes and flowers is an ideal choice for any modern home. Loren armchair is the right piece to bring this piece of Indigo blue and velvet, perfectly combining mid-century with modern.

Trend Alert_ Indigo Blue Living Room Decor Is In!_3

Indigo blue can also bring forward the luxury of your living room, whether you use it in a wall paint or in a statement piece such as an armchair. Charlotte armchair, one of the most recent pieces by Essential Home, brings this color to life in a lighter shade that is sure to welcome you home with a wink of an eye and a charming hello.

Trend Alert_ Indigo Blue Living Room Decor Is In!_4

Dean armchair brings Indigo Blue in a different way, showcasing how other materials such as leather can work with such a powerful and electrifying color too. You can even use it in accessories in your living room, not exclusively on your wall paint or statement pieces. Pillows, stools, rugs, and such, can also be used to bring this color to life and change the way your entire living room looks.

Trend Alert_ Indigo Blue Living Room Decor Is In!_5

When it comes to your living room, we know you want the best for it. Indigo blue is a color that never truly goes out of style. Even so, in 2019, it’s the hit color for all design lovers, especially considering the rise in popularity of the maximalist style. What’s not to love? Add Mansfield armchair for another touch of trends: curved lines in an armchair that brings the best of mid-century with modern style.

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