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Middle Eastern Décor With Mid-Century Pieces!

Middle eastern décor is a noteworthy topic that we’re going to tackle in this article.

Today, at Living Room Ideas, we are going to bring you something unique. We are taking a closer look at regional styles. In today’s edition, we are going to talk about Middle Eastern décor. Not only traditional but also, modern luxurious middle eastern décor.

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We are going to start with the most obvious example of middle eastern décor. The classic, luxurious and overly ambitious projects that feature stunning detail and over the top finishes.

For the middle eastern market, their objective is to always showcase some of the best European brands in their projects. With local and international designers, working alongside some of the world’s most prestigious furniture brands.


Now, in this middle eastern décor, you have more traditional and straight-forward décor. Sort of a throwback to its original roots. These types of décors are seen in hospitality projects in Morocco, northern Africa as a whole.

Classic middle easter décor actually features some of the most acclaimed high-quality fabrics in the whole world. Complexity and sophistication are alive and well in this resurgence of the classic middle easter décor.

The purpose of this article is to associate mid-century style with middle easter décor. We believe that DelightFULL and Essential Home can offer the type of furniture pieces, and mid-century influence, that can play a major role in a stand-out middle easter project.

middle eastern décor

For instance, this bathroom décor features ambitious and luxurious details that could be part of any luxurious middle easter project. The gold-plated finish is a must if you are looking for this kind of middle eastern décor project.

The Hanna collection pays homage to Roland Hanna, a famous American jazz pianist and composer. Known for their strong influence from mid-century modern décor, this collection features some of DelightFULL’s most elegant and intricate designs.

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We hope you liked our article on middle eastern décor! Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use then on your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Twitter and Instagram for more Living Room Ideas.
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