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Unique Wood Home Decors For Your Living Room

If you believe that wooden furniture and decorations fit only to some holiday cottage in the middle of forest, you need to think again. A wood brings cozy and intimate atmosphere to your home and it is not only preferred as rustical design decor but it matches with modern interiors as well. Use nature as your Living room and create from you home oasys of peace.


Flexibility of this material is shown in this live edge door made from raw wood. To overlook this artistic masterpiece in a living room is just impossible.

Storing firewood in stylish way sounds like a joke, although this interior has dealed with problem of wood storage very easily. Who would say that firewood can add modern spirit to a living room.

Cottage de Bordeaux by Boom Town features actual tree trunks used as main decor in its living room. They keep the natural decor warm and balanced with modern  industrial furniture.

Cottage de Bordeaux by Boom Town features actual tree trunks used as main decor in its living room. They keep the natural decor warm and balanced with modern industrial furniture.

The desire to feel nature expressed by the clients led Fernanda Marques Arquiteto Asociados  who has designed the living room for Loft 24-7 with natural materials, firewood, organic colors, huge windows that open the space to the outdoors and many wood decorations.

Unique wood home decors for your Living room.

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Coltrane pendant lamp by DelightFULL’s is one of the top best sellers of the brand. With an indrustrial handmade design fit for more minimalist home interiors, as well as for contemporary hotel decor. The shade is made of steel but it is lacquered a matte gold on the outside and a gold powder paint on the inside and the shape of lamp is simple but unique at the same time.


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written by Barbora Gajdošová