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Get To Know 20 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

You have to know these 20 top interior designers in Shangai!

Shanghai has always been known as one of China’s glitziest cities, a global financial hub with an ever-expanding landscape of soaring skyscrapers. But in addition to its Jetson-like buildings is a burgeoning, exciting design scene. Read on to find out about 20 top interior designers in Shangai!

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1 – 101 Design

This firm counts with a team of designers, project managers, site managers, while at the same time counting with several partnerships with various factory resources of furniture and fixture manufacturing. Their design style focuses very much on balancing all the elements that compose an interior that they handle, through the balanced use of white and green elements (plants included) as well as a familiar and somewhat minimalistic style.

2 – Atelier I-N-D-J

This Shanghai-based multidisciplinary design studio is known for tackling many challenges relating to architectural, spatial, product, and furniture design. It was created in 2013 by Ian Douglas-Jones, whose extensive experience in architecture is the essence and basis of the studio’s output. They are a firm that likes to experiment with technology and other elements, is defined as having a “polymath approach” to new challenges. With less than 10 years of experience, they’ve managed to earn many relevant awards, one of them being a part of A.D.’s Top 100 Most Influential Architects and Designers 2017.

Get To Know 10 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

3 – B + H

This is another example of a design firm deeply involved with the global market, aiming to design bold and inspiring spaces for clients of several locations. B+H has a wide range of activities for establishments such as workplaces, healthcare, hospitality, residential, retail, and many others. The team always tries to approach a new challenge with careful insight and awareness of the needs of each customer, believing firmly in the power of design as a potential strength to transform economies, communities, and, of course, spaces.

Get To Know 10 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

4 – Chen Min

The main goal of this office is to find an ideal bonding point between tradition and modernization as well as between East and West. Min is a person who regards design as a language with origins depth and a story to tell, and also has the innovative idea of finding the role of the Chinese language in the world of design. The company has been featured in magazines such as wallpaper, Marie Clare, AD China, Brutus Casa, Icon and Elle Decor.

Get To Know 10 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

5 – DL Architecture

DL Architecture is a prestigious design firm based in Shanghai that has been proudly recognized in the list of the 100 best architects in China for three consecutive times. Founded by Domitilla Lepri, this firm shares two headquarters in Rome and Shanghai, completed by an incredible team of experts on architecture and interior design. Blending the culture of Shanghai and Rome, they specialize in delivering a conceptual design style for many residential, commercial, offices and hospitality projects.


DXMID is an International interior design company that was founded by designer Ismael Abedin Ingelmo. Since the beginning, they were responsible for many designed projects, that share the most amazing high-quality features, whether its hospitality, commercial, office and residential. Their focus is established on the attention to the client’s needs, allowing them to have a large portfolio of clients worldwide.


7 – Furong Chen / WUU

Furong Chen created WUU in 2014, and since then it became a company focused on the developing of furniture, lighting and decorative accessories. Furong studied Integrated Design at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, and what led to the creation of his company consisted of a trip he took after graduating in 2012, in which he travelled with a group of friends across China in a van and interviewed local creatives for an exhibition that would lead to the creation of his firm. He has a design philosophy in which he aims to “return an object to its original essence” through design, while at the same time combining technology with traditional crafts.

Get To Know 10 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

8 – HKS Architect

HKS Architects is another global design firm present in several places such as London, Miami, Orlando, NY, Singapore, and of course Shanghai. The office located in Shanghai has an approach with several state-of-the-art design methods regarding their challenges. Among HKS’ most important accomplishments in China, we can include Aiyuhua Hospital for Children and Women, Crowne Plaza Ningbo, Suzhou Gaoxin People’s Hospital, Hualuxe Haikou Seaview, among many others. This is a company with many types of clients, and aside from commercial, hospitality and private residences, they also have aviation, education, government, and sports clientele in their portfolio.

Get To Know 10 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

9 – HWCD

HWCD (Harmony World Consultant and Design) is a very well-known international design practice, based in Shanghai, but with offices located in London and Barcelona. Since its creation, this company always had a goal set of creating a global practice firmly deeply rooted in the communities they tackle. With a team of over 500 design specialists, they have taken on several design projects, including urban design, commercial design, art consulting and even boutique hotels. Their style is a perfect reflection of how aware they are of the phenomenon of globalization while at the same time tackling some elements within the cultural context of the project location.

Get To Know 10 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

10 – Jemo Interior Design

Jemo Construction & Interior Design firmly believes in the strong base of living and working environment as the ultimate success for professional and personal development. Within this incredible design company, they deliver astounding projects when it comes to construction, architecture, interior, and landscape design. From commercial to residential, they are able to create stylish and functional settings.

Get To Know 10 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

11 – Kokai Studios

Kokaistudios consists of a company first created by Italian architects Filippo Gabbiani & Andrea Destefanis in 2000, which would later evolve with the creation of a Shanghai office in 2002. Their aim is to create projects that add a positive element to the environment and social fabric of the location of said challenge, be it through architecture, urban renewal, hospitality, retail, among others. They have a modern and geometrical taste in regards to the locations they’ve tackled.

Get To Know 20 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

12 – Link+ Architects

Link+ Architects shares a massive need to prove that all the exterior surroundings have a big influence on the creation of eccentric and innovative settings. From functionality to exquisite projects, they deliver a large spectrum of architectural design services, from the creative side of it to its final conclusion. In order to do so, they guide every client through the whole process, paying attention to every detail. Park 1903 Mall, M50 Art Park Renovation Works, Joyway 700 are some of the best selection of works from this company.

Get To Know 20 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

13 – Montigny

Montigny is an International Home Decoration company that was founded by Emmanuel Gerard Andrew de Stoppani. They collaborate with Harvest Shanghai, where they propose a massive selection of furniture, wallpapers, curtains, lightings, decoration accessories, from the best European suppliers around the world. After managing 3 factories in France with 250 workers, there’s a large experience in high-quality decoration businesses around the world.

Get To Know 20 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

14 – MRT Design

Created in 1995, MRT design is an architectural and interior design studio with a deep experience regarding retail and public projects all of which are located throughout greater China. Their work has also been mentioned in prestige publications in the country, some of them being Interior Design China, AD, Elle, id+c, and Surface. MRT Design has tackled a variety of establishments (residential, retail, restaurants, commercial, etc) and their style can either be modern and minimalistic or classic and elegant, with the special edition of some unique lighting effects in some projects.

Get To Know 20 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

15 – Neri&Hu

A multitasking company, able to provide several services in areas such as architecture, master planning, branding/graphic design, and also in the design of interiors, furniture and other relevant products. Some of their a are the restoration of a Shanghai theatre from the 30s, creating a hotel at the former headquarters of the Japanese army, and most recently, creating “The Unfolding Village” for the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019.

16 – NONG Studio

NONG STUDIO, is a Shanghai-Milan based design studio, that always looks to create incredible and magnificent projects, with a large amount of passion and high-quality fabrics and materials. Their office is place on an old granary factory from 1908, along the Suzhou river. Their eccentric office shares a stunning setting that features extravagant collections, art pieces and a lot of culture and architecture.

Get To Know 20 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

17 – Pandamart

Ms. Shu Yulin is the mastermind behind Pandamart Home Decoration, a functional decoration platform. This website gives the opportunity to every client to purchase the best materials and accessories for your home. You’re also accompanied by an online designer that guides every client through the whole process. No matter what kind of project you’re involved, this design platform is able to help every homeowner, interior designer, and decoration users.

Get To Know 20 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

18 – RooMoo

RooMoo is an interior design studio that specializes in the design of restaurant and residential projects. With an interior design identity based on collaboration and culture mix, they stand through their sophisticated architecture, innovative interiors, product, and interior design. They proudly share a bespoke relationship with every client, being able to provide not only the best but also the most exquisite solutions for every project. Through the whole process, they make sure to commit with the strategy to find the best materials.

Get To Know 20 Of The Top Interior Designers in Shangai

19 – Spark Architects

Spark ArchitectsSpark is a Shanghai, Singapore, and London based architecture firm, that shares a large number of services, focusing on architecture, urbanism, interior design, landscape design, research, and branding. Their goal is to establish incredible settings through an innovative, stimulating vibe that have already gained them award-winning buildings. Throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, they have displayed great and eccentric buildings.

20 – Studio Shanghai

Studio Shanghai is an architecture and design studio that shares an incredible belief in the creation of habitable structures, as a functional and inspiring setting. In order to establish the most amazing displays, they balance the power of the culture, climate, physical and spiritual elements, as well as flora and fauna of the region. Studio Shanghai has designed man cities, villages, buildings, and interiors such as the Shanghai Xintiandi, the Soldier Fields Stadium in Chicago, and many more.

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