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Home Décor DIY Ideas with a French Touch (+ Shop the Look!)

How long has been since you changed your home décor? Months, years? Learn how to add that certain je ne sais quais to your house! Get ready to be surprised!

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Aren’t you tired of seeing the same style for years? Aren’t you bored? Well, not for long! We’ll help you to get the best interior design ever! All you need is some changes in your living room, in your bedroom or hall, or even in your entire house, why not? Believe me, the little things do make the difference in your home décor. We gathered the best DIY ideas with a french touch from pinterest to help you to transform your house. See for yourself!

Jamie Lundstrom is a design author passionate about french vintage decor. She usually uses easy-to-find, recycled objects or even new materials in her projects. You can do the same, gather some old objects and turn it into some amazing and unique home décor elements, which will definitely give a stylish vintage look to your house. Perfect option if you like a french vintage styled home with a modern twist!

Home Décor DIY Ideas with a French Touch + Shop the Look!
Home Décor DIY Ideas with a French Touch + Shop the Look!

You can even get Jamie Lundstrom book and find out about all her elegant DIY projects!

Home Décor DIY Ideas with a French Touch + Shop the Look!

I think you already noticed that The French have a certain appreciation for antiques, right? So always think twice before throwing something to the trash. Antiques with some changes can definitely bring a sense of history to any home décor and give it a completely new look!

Cubism was pioneered in France by artists such as Pablo Picasso or Georges Braque. In france, specially in Paris, in many apartments and houses you’ll notice paintings or elements of this revolutionary new approach. You can use some paintings inspired by these amazing artists to dress your living room walls as well, or you can even get inspired by them and paint it youself. Give your home décor an artist look with a french touch!

However, paintings aren’t enough to give you the french look. You need to complement it with some french antiques, imported furnishings, and other elements that drives this sophisticated style. Check below some interior designer projects and get that same look!

Jean-Louis Deniot is one of the biggest names regarding French interior design. Deniot is inspired by 20th-Century vintage furnishings, and with a nod to the grand presence of aristocratic décor. He tries to find the balance between casual and refined interior design. Check out this incredible living room designed by him!

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Charles Zana, a Parisian artist, who is one of the best interior designers in the world, has more than 200 projects of modern architecture and interior design around the world. Charles Zana represents the best of what the unique design of France can offer, a comtemporary look with a modern touch. Get inspired by his home décor!

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