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10 Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms By Greg Natale

Take a look at 10 exceptional mid-century modern living rooms by Greg Natale!

Famed designers create exquisite interiors for their clients and Greg Natale is no exception. This Australian designer specializes in luxury tailoired designed for the home, indoors and out. As we usually do with top interior designers, today we’ll be showing 10 of Greg Natale’s best living room designs.

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“Let’s talk about “it”. “It” is the ability to make perfection look effortless. Greg Natale definitely has “it”. His rooms are designed with such sureness that they look as if they were always meant to be.”

Jonathan Adler

For as long as he can remember, Greg Natale has been passionate about interior design. The multi-award-winning interior designer has become known for his masterly use of pattern and colour, and his bold application of both in creating tailored, glamorous and sophisticated spaces.

10 Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms By Greg Natale

In 2001, he launched Greg Natale Design. This was around the end of the minimalism movement, and Natale chose to pursue a more luxurious look than had previously been in style. His first major project was the 2002 design of the Gonano Apartment, with a decorative, repeat pattern coordinated on walls, blinds, bed linens and art. Based in Sydney, the firm handles interior design in residential, retail and commercial spaces, and also does residential exterior design.

Today, we have prepared you as list of 10 of his best living room design projects. Take a look at them!

10 Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms By Greg Natale

The pops of turquoise and yellow alongside the black and gold anchors are the highlights of this contemporary project.

10 Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms By Greg Natale
Photog by Anson Smart

Greg Natale‘s mid-century modern living room project featured in the March 2015 issue of Inside Out magazine. It features a wonderful open space ambience where the pattern in the rug matches perfectly with the colors of the furniture upholstery.

10 Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms By Greg Natale

A living room with a dining space that connects perfectly with the outside. The contrast between the green on the outside and the black and white on the inside is just wonderful.

10 Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms By Greg Natale

This colorful contemporary living room design filled with patterned details in the pillows and the carpet, as well as outstanding contemporary floor lamps.

10 Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms By Greg Natale

Living room of Twomey Country House, a classic residential project by Greg Natale that features an incredible neutral color palette that is so on trend and so sophisticated.

10 Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms By Greg Natale

This room floats in a cloud of white detail and strong geometric shapes that stand out nicely.

Tufted armchairs are a contemporary trend. Depending on their shaped, you can pair them with a nice center table of similar design. In this case, the round shape of the armchairs goes really well with the circular center table.

Editor’s Choice

The geometric pattern in black and white contrasts beautifully with the golden modern floor lamp and the golden accents throughout the room.

10 Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms By Greg Natale

The contrast the pink geometric ties with the pink cushions, giving greater depth to the room. Then, the contrast between the more neutral grey hues and the bold pink give the room a lively ambience and a sense of making a statement.

Yet another mid-century modern living room design where the geometric patterns tie with elements of the decor, bring the whole decoration together into a pleasant ambience.

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