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Boho-Chic Style – The Next Interior Design Trend

The boho-chic style has been always a interior design trend for all the ’70s home design lovers. For this summer season, the boho-chic style continues breaking down the biggest home decor trends, especially because of its subtle neutral vibe and rich textiles offset.

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Boho-chic style, are you ready to immerse yourself on this trend? The new season is here and with it comes late lunches, ice cream on the beach, and outdoor moments with the loved ones. Why not bring all this feeling and experience into your living room? The boho-chic style is the definition of trendy summer on a neutral palette. It is all about bringing culture, story, and intensity of life! This aesthetics embraces the traveler that it is inside you with a carefree relaxed vibe. Feel free to represent yourself in all details in the room. In this journey, find a style that you can make as your own!

Living Room Interior

Boho-Chic Style-The Next Interior Design Trend_1
Living Room Boho-Chic Style

Are you wondering how to bring a charming look to your living room? Boho-chic style is recognized by its bright patterned, and multi-cultural layers of unique elements. Nothing more perfect than this interior design inspiration to make you feel empowered to use as a home decor all unconventional melange of colors with nature visual elements that will bring the perfect balance, and maybe some stylish luxurious accessories or furniture to keep it modern.

Nature Vibes

To create a neutral boho-chic style vibe, start by using some hanging plants and botanical features. Plants are an easy way to bring a relaxed feeling to any space! Wood furniture also is a plus, since it will bring the wonder outdoor feeling.

Boho-Chic Style-The Next Interior Design Trend_2
Romero Armchair by Essential Home

Bohemian Colors

In the boho-chic style, there are no rules for the right pattern here. It is all about embracing earthy colors that can easily play with metallic, aluminum, and brass base objects. Combine bright colors such as orange, purple, or electric blue in the intensity you feel more comfortable.

Boho-Chic Style-The Next Interior Design Trend_3
Bohemian Design Inspiration

Patterns Overload

Don’t be afraid of mixing different patterns, shapes, scales, and styles. The boho-chic style is all about mixing those iconic contrasting vibes. You can start by choosing a stunning free-patterned rug with a geometric African-pattern cushion to create an authentic bohemian style living room! Also, you can also play with clean patterns, but strong and bright colors that will intensify iconic objects in the room such as suspension lamp or small extravagant accessories like candles, books, or even a plant vase.

Boho-Chic Style-The Next Interior Design Trend_4
Cannonball Suspension Lamp by DelightFULL

In this amazing project by the international interior designer Peti Lau, you can find an amazing playfulness aesthetic of African-patterned cushions placed on a stunning orange extravaganza sofa, creating a mid-century eclectic living room. As you can see, there are no rules when it comes to the boho-chic style. In the right, bringing a luxurious touch to the room, there is an irreverent sideboard that reminds us of the ’70s or the golden ages of cinematic movies… I mean, how to not love this interior design trend?

The Chainsmokers Home, a project by the Interior Designer PETI LAU.

Mid-Century Furniture

The boho-chic style allows decor lovers to reach a whole entire level of freestyle interior decor ideas as well to bring into reality a new world of imagination patterns that on a daily basis are not that common. Who doesn’t love to visualize memories experiences and stories? So, there you go, put together all those traveling small gifts and furniture that tells a story to a room. Mid-century modern design can fit perfectly in a boho-chic style living room. Choose comfortable and chaise lounge pieces, but also iconic pieces like side tables and sideboards to bring some textures and different finishes to the living room. Since there is already plenty of patterns and textures in the room, now it is time to create some balance with calm and smooth lightning pieces. It can go from table lamps to floor or suspension lamps that will definitely match the global design of the living room.

Boho-Chic Style-The Next Interior Design Trend_Moodboard
Moodboard Inspiration by DelightFULL and Essential Home

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